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DateDate: 13-07-2019, 06:33

Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
 Quite promising author's idea, which, according to experts of the platform "Innovator", will be able to take a worthy place in its segment and quickly gain popularity for its future application. Moreover, there will not be many difficulties in organizing patenting and launching the production of this product. More in detail the basic list of functional characteristics of the inflatable smart table cloth "Innovator" will be presented below.
 So, the author of this idea offers much simpler to use the usual tablecloths that are used in everyday life and increase their functionality by combining other possibilities.
First and foremost, the function of pressurizing the tablecloth will be decided by the availability on the upper fabric of the smart tablecloth of various shapes and grooves that will serve, in an inflated condition, utensils of various shapes. That is, when the smart tablecloth will be in an inflated position, its upper surface will already allow the users to pour and impose food in the rifted surface, since inflated its forms will have the appearance and functionality of the plates. From this it is clear that the inflatable plates in the composition of the smart tablecloth will be fixed, which will serve their respective stability. The configuration and composition of the "serving" will naturally be unlimited. Convenience will be in the care of a smart tablecloth - you need to blow it off and wash it. Here at this cleaning and washing of "dirty dishes" will be completed. It will also be possible to produce smart tablecloths of increased thickness to the table height, which will allow you to combine it with the function of the table.
 Smart features will consist in the fact that the smart tablecloth will be able to have the function of LED lighting, heating the surface and sound. That is, by using the corresponding mobile application of the same name, which will adjust and control all these processes, all these smart features will be available. Users, using standard interface with their gadget, will be able to change the color of the lighting of the tablecloth depending on the interior or mood, reproduce on it the music stream and adjust the comfort temperature of the basis of the smart table cloth. In smart options, touch sensitive flexible panels will be separately available, which will increase its functionality. But the author of this idea did not show these functions for review. They are available if there is a partnership or investment relationship.
 So, in this short presentation you can see a completely new and innovative approach to solving the issue of ease of use of such everyday in our everyday life goods, which combines third-party functions and increased its functionality.
 This idea is open both for investment and for its full redemption.

DateDate: 13-07-2019, 06:28

Today, a talented team of robotics from the Higher Polytechnic School in Lausanne, Switzerland, presented their new unique brainchild, namely a group of small robots called Tribots, which are really mini-robots with many useful sensors and functions. In essence, development is something like an artificial ant colony that can cope with various tasks within a single information transfer system between individual robots - as was demonstrated during the preliminary testing of Tribots robots, where experts also indicated their ability to move efficiently. on any surface.
At the same time, small robots perfectly avoid obstacles in their path, forming something like a virtual map of the object-obstacle that stands in front of them - thus, they can effectively find out what kind of obstacle they need to overcome. Moreover, the robots are composed in a very convenient three-legged format and, in their design, really resemble ants during movement.
The fact is that they move and carry out different patterns of movement in much the same way as an ant does - for example, if they need to jump over an obstacle, they close the upper part of the legs and thereby make a jumping movement. The robots were called Tribots, because they have three protruding micro-limbs, each of which is controlled in a separate way - so that the robot can effectively move even on the most problematic areas of the surface. It is worth noting the fact that robots are completely autonomous and do not have a wired connection.
All this allows a potential user to use the potential of the Tribots robots to organize a more complex and multi-purpose robotics system - for example, when it is necessary to cope with the development of some particularly complex ways of movement. However, the Swiss specialists do not limit the scope of their development exclusively to the creation of separate systems of robotic movement and see for them a really wide field of subsequent use.