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DateDate: 21-07-2019, 07:51

  Personal non-material and proprietary rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
  Innovative platform "Innovator" in this presentation confirms its innovative approach in the solution and presentation of ideas and projects of a global nature. So in this presentation of the next author's idea is a global character, which will be confirmed in the information that will be presented below. It should also be noted that this innovative service - the innovative mobile application "Active face phase", can be applied both separately as a mobile application, so with existing platforms, instant messengers and social networks.
  So, there are already a lot of services that are working on changes or transformations of new and existing photo and video materials. This innovative service has the same direction, only it is aimed at real tracking and smart conversion of existing photo and video materials. For the basis of all real transformations, the person's face was taken, since many criteria or characteristics of a single person are determined in the face. For example, the person's age, facial expressions, emotions and much more.
  The functionality of the mobile application "Active face phase", when a new user is registered, requests access to the photo gallery and video materials. The user defines himself, or another person, who is displayed on the photo or video materials for further processing. Only the face of the selected person is taken into account in the application's functionality, and its processing is performed with the subsequent provision of the final result. The final result is an artistic or animated display of a person that changes over an appropriate period of time based on available photo and video materials. That is, the application provides its user with a kind of active phase of a person's face in the form of a clip, given earlier format, to which the corresponding team had to perform this innovative procedure. In the given clip, the user will be able to observe the dynamics of changing his or her other person on the basis of the corresponding number of photos and video materials, where the time and place of the photo and video shooting will also be indicated.
  In social networks and messengers this mobile application will be able to more brightly and colorfully show the results of its work, as in these services users have more photos and video materials. That is, the use of this service will be more interesting in conjunction with existing global social networks and instant messengers.
The results of the innovative mobile application "Active face phase" can be sent as a file to any user, since the captured photos and video materials for each user are different and to receive such a file from another user, where your active phase of the face will be interesting enough.
  Moderation platform "Innovator" is confident in the global growth and popularization of this mobile application.
  This idea is open for both investment and full redemption.

DateDate: 21-07-2019, 07:47

The system paid attention to pixels along the edges.
Scientists have created a device that is able to determine whether the photos are original or mounted fake. The system sees whether any manipulation of the image or not.
Such information was published on the portal.
American researchers from the University of California specially trained the neural network to recognize thousands of images, photo-shots or not. The system can easily determine where the original is - no washed pixels on the border of a single object. A person cannot always conduct such a subtle analysis, but a car can always. In future plans to explore to create such a perfect neural network, which would be able to recognize not accuracy even during the playback of the video.
According to scientists, it will be impossible to cope in the future without such a device, since today there are a lot of special effects that essentially hide the truth.
"If you want to check the authenticity of everything that is on the Internet, especially with the advent of deepfake-video, then you will not cope with this, the researchers note.
A new neural network for recognizing a corrupted pixel file suggests that only further work of humans and machines can develop.
Earlier on the portal Heiser reported that in Australia from the flu rescues artificial intelligence. Plan to finish the project at the end of the year. the invention has collected in itself the latest developments of scientists. Artificial intelligence will accurately determine the vaccine, which exactly act against the flu, and also indicate whether the use of these drugs is useless.
Heiser also wrote that Google received a penalty of $ 11 million for discriminating candidates by age. The company suffered and suffered significant losses due to its prejudices. Google management has published new rules in the Alphabet Inc division: do not pay attention to the age of the client, but only analyze professional qualities.