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DateDate: 31-08-2019, 06:21

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  A rather straightforward and catchy title of the author's ideas for innovative social networks enemies "INenemy", which in its basic functionality is quite peaceful sense and not directed at any hostile or warlike motives. Here in the first place, will encounter enemies, and then, with the participation of a third party, which will play a major role in reconciliation, they will need to be at a normal relationship. Below is describe.
  So, this social network will serve as a platform where you will meet enemies or people who had a falling out in different everyday situations. Register a new a couple of enemies or enemy will be able to as they themselves, and outsiders, third parties. Of course, the number of such enemies may be more than two people that will be available at the registration stage. The main objective of this startup will be the reconciliation of these people, or at least attempt reconciliation. As already mentioned, that a third person will be an integral part of this process. It will be right, as in enemy or unfriendly relations significant, and maybe even the main role in the reconciliation intermediaries, or as we called third parties. When does the registration for such a situation by enemies or debaters, they necessarily indicative of contact and personal information of a third party for its consent. Current enemies will even not know that they are registered in the social network of enemies. The third person to register, which will be available and the function is anonymous, describes the situation that caused the dispute or hostile attitude, and laid it all, maybe even without names, with the network. In the course of the public discussion, everyone can Express their point of view about this kind of situation and how to resolve it. Then a third person, which can remain incognito, with the help of network functionality, sends messages to the enemies themselves that their situation is under public discussion. 
  Each third party Board, one of these sides can find arguments that will affect hostile or controversial situation, and the enemies can retreat from their unnecessary ambitions to sit at the negotiating table and find a compromise in their decisions or actions. By the way, when the enemies will see on this platform all of the public opinion of their hostile relations, the functionality will offer them the actions that are associated with more rapid reconciliation. For example, the organization of meetings for participation of third parties. In the future, also this is the same network functionality, Buda, the probability that enemies can become friends or partners. And communication between enemies can go in the fellowship of friends, only already on other social platforms, which again, will offer an innovative network of enemies at the end of the reconciliation process. 
  It is no exaggeration to add that the correct operation of the described startup, a lot of controversial issues will move from the courtroom to the platform. Also, participants may be whole Nations that are at war. You could even say that this is a startup world!!! Although quite the opposite...
Making quick conclusions, it may be added that innovative social network of enemies "INenemy" can work in conjunction with other existing social networks, which will affect the mutual increase range of users. 
  This idea is available for investing, and for its full redemption.

DateDate: 31-08-2019, 06:15

It is planned to complete construction in 2028
In Spain, the unique smart city of Elysium City will be built. This settlement will become not only a new tourist attraction, but also the first new generation city in Europe.
The first smart city in Europe to appear in Spain as early as 2023. It will have both residential premises and tourist facilities, in particular a railway station, a Disney-style theme park, a 40,000-seat football stadium, several resorts and much more. Also, free Wi-Fi will be available throughout Elysium City.
As conceived by the developers, Elysium City will be consistent with the UN's sustainable development goals. Among them are clean energy, responsible consumption and quality education. The smart city will be built in two stages near the city of Castilblanco in the autonomy of Extremadura in southwestern Spain.
The first phase of construction, which will be completed in 2023, involves the construction of four hotels with a casino, a water park and a Disney-style theme park, high-speed rail, several restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, a golf course, a stadium and city services.
It is planned that in Elysium City there will be up to two thousand residential units. These neighborhoods will be equipped with green areas with bike paths and health paths, equipped with intelligent solar-powered street infrastructure, smart street lighting and digital bus stops.
At the second stage of construction, which will be completed in 2028, new luxury hotels, a horse riding center and the Formula 1 racing track will appear in the city.
Also, smart kiosks with public transport schedules, weather forecasts and various warnings will be installed throughout the city. During the first year of operation, the city expects to attract 4.5 million visitors.

DateDate: 30-08-2019, 06:19

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 Rather ambitious of the author's idea of creating an innovative product that will combine the usual properties of the scales with shoes. Naturally, all these processes will be monitored and adjusted with a mobile application. And more details is below.
 So, now with the help of a mobile application that standard would be available to anyone, you can track your weight in the process of using this innovative Shoe. Each pair of shoes, the sole is a special weight sensors. Using the standard pairing a mobile app and shoes-libras "Innovator", all these indications of a person's weight will be synchronized, and the resulting weights to form one overall result. The mobile app will analyze all the data obtained from pairs of such shoes in output in the form of digital indicators with the interim values, or in the form of a diagram. It will be shown when any action the user of this device was actively losing weight. That is, the user of this complex active weight measurement can monitor your weight in regular sport or work time. This mobile service will allow people who need to constantly be aware of their weight indicators, control it and take the necessary measures or actions. 
  In a separate function applies to manual and automatic modes. They differ in that the activation of the measuring process can be carried out by situational coercive measure, or by continuous automatic measurement. The user can program the parameters of your desired weight, and accordingly, software mobile apps shoes-libra "Innovator" will prompt the user about the amount of time and action, required to achieve a given result.
 Functionality that will be incorporated into this mobile application is not limited to the above-described tasks. Here the functions of the micro air conditioning and heating, lights, and vibration function of incoming calls. Anyway, in this model, the smart shoes will be the battery. The charging process will be as standard in wearable devices, and with the help of new wireless technology. Care and cleaning will take more time and effort, as added to the service battery and the measuring themselves shoe sensors.
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 30-08-2019, 06:14

The robot moves through the blood vessels.
A worm-like robot that can travel through the brain will help treat stroke. He will cleanse blood vessels from deadly blood clots with a special thread.
This writes the with reference to
Scientists have developed a tiny robot resembling a worm that is designed to treat ischemic strokes. The robot moves through the blood vessels and cleans them from blood clots, that is, blood clots that disrupt the blood supply to the most important organ in the human body. This robot has 0.5 mm wide postings, and it is controlled through a magnetic field due to a special program on the computer. Moreover, this can be done outside the special room where the patient is. Although the robot has not yet been tested in humans, engineers have proven its functionality in overcoming miniature obstacles, as well as in full-size human brain models.
Engineers hope that one day this robot will treat stroke patients, when the speed of medical care is of primary importance. The faster a person with a stroke receives this treatment, the less damage to his body will follow. Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston are working on the robot, and it is reported that the length of the robot is only a few centimeters. It is made of a flexible mixture of nickel and titanium, placed in a shell of a special lubricating hydrogel, which helps it to push through the vessels without damaging the tissue.
Scientists have identified the danger of baked vegetables
Engineers said that this robot can be introduced into the patient’s body by injection, and its further movement will be controlled by magnets. However, the robot also has its own internal motors. Finally, he is also able to carry medicines to the site of damage in the brain, or he will be equipped with a laser to break down any of the most complex blood clots that impede blood circulation.

DateDate: 29-08-2019, 06:19

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 This idea was controversial whether to publish it among our moderators... But decided to publish it!
 The idea is to improve the difficult and so the work of the police, perhaps fire, perhaps even doctors or , say, employees of service of gas. The sense of the device, not afraid to call exactly this idea that has a built-in miniature flashing beacons, emergency work in pairs with the same flashing car beacons. Only in the mind of the employee of special and emergency services the data light signal lamps will be more visible and available to all others, as they will differ in their mobility. Lighting will harmonize with the shape and size of the headdress and will be sewn into the very "tip". Activated through a special button, using the synchronization with the automotive device of this kind, by means of synchronization with a corresponding dispatching service. In headdress "Innovator" will also be inserted and multiple cameras for pie video and audio recording, which in the on-line reports what is happening all around with the reverse function audio connection.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.