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DateDate: 1-08-2019, 07:03

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.

 All smart devices and apps are aimed at simplifying the life of the people, taking into account changes in many attitudes and principles. Many devices do not find a buyer or investor due to its undervalued. Platform "Innovator" was created and aimed at solving these tasks. In this presentation, the specialists of "Innovator" open another author's idea, which serves to simplify the process of restoring beauty with the help of a mirror-Hairdryer "Innovator", which will be described below.

 So, in creating this product is the combination of the Hairdryer and mirror in one smart device. Let's start to describe the principle of operation is in order.

 First and foremost, the device itself has the usual look and mirror function all sorts of shapes and sizes. On the perimeter of a plane mirror, instead of or in place of framing frame, located movable hole from which comes out the flow of air, which is blown by a fan located on the rear side of the mirror. The block holes for air flow has a movable construction, and air supply is made on the principle of supply, as in the hair dryer - that is, the air can be both hot and cold. And that's why this design is needed and how it will operate will be presented below.

In the second place, all these processes can be run like in manual mode and use the mobile app. In the mobile app will need to set the necessary parameters in obtaining the desired result in the process of drying hair after washing, after painting or the process of their stacking. Then you will need to produce a standard pair mobile apps with smart device "Mirror-Hairdryer "Innovator"" and give a command to start the desired mode of drying. Movable blocks air flow will produce a corresponding active air flow on the basis of the issued command and the location of the head, because this smart device will be the camera and speakers. These additional devices necessary for remote consulting of the process of drying and styling the hair as a master Barber to the customer.

 So, either at home or at the beauty salon, the user sits in front of the mirror, a Hairdryer, sets the required parameters in a mobile app or installs a video chat with your hair stylist for consultation and correction in this process. After that, it's a smart device that regulates and adjusts the flow of cold and hot air. The user only need to pick up a comb, or generally to take nothing, and make the process of drying or styling hair. Also conveniently enough will to lay to his client and to the master hairdresser, so it is not holding a conventional dryer, there will be more opportunities faster and more correctly to make drying and styling hair. In manual mode, users simply turn the device and produce the above mentioned actions.

 Also, such a mirror-hair dryer will be in a portable miniature modification, only the size will be appropriate for easy use in home or road conditions.

 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.


DateDate: 1-08-2019, 06:55

Sensational invention
Specialists at Harvard University boasted a unique invention. Now people can see like insects.
A group of scientists from Harvard developed a small camera that sees polarized light. It is known that insects or cancer-like ones see the world around them completely differently from humans or animals. Only polarized light perceives their vision, which a person can now see with the help of a compact special camera, reports.
Similar cameras existed before, but they were very bulky and complex. Harvard researchers were able to significantly simplify the design: now such a camera in size resembles a thumb.
Even if you equip it with a protective case and lens, it will take up no more space than a box from under the smartphone.
Earlier we talked about how a stray cow decided to get an education and came to a lecture at the institute. In one of the cities of India, a funny indicator occurred: a cow came to one of the lectures at the technological university of Bombay. In just a few hours, a horned animal is an Internet star. The cow entered the lecture hall without the slightest embarrassment. The pet was not embarrassed, neither the screams nor the laughter of the students - she confidently continued her journey to the center of the audience.
We also showed how the car of the future, created from plants, looks like. This unique car weighing only 350 kg without recharging will cope with the task of transporting two people and their luggage up to 240 km at a maximum speed of 110 km / h. He is called Noah and while he is not on sale - he travels to European cities as evidence of unstoppable progress. The development of the car was sponsored by the famous French petrochemical giant TOTAL, the supplier of Lumina PLA. The main concept in designing Noah was the economics of renewable resources.