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DateDate: 30-09-2019, 05:51

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 Platform "Innovator" once again represents the author's project with an innovative cell in the development of relations of people, public display of their moral and mental ability, or simply the presentation of personal image and style. Mobile app virtual dispute "Innovator" is mainly the functional has the presentation of a dialogue where the fight two people meet and argue their point of view. Debate could be endless, and comments in favor of this or that participant will play a not unimportant role in the rating of one of the participants that will ultimately affect the outcome of the dispute. Below, more details will be described this whole process.
 Now, every normal person in their life defending their point of view in the dialogue, which turned into a dispute involving different assistants on the one hand, and on the other. Such disputes often end in nothing, or turn to personal insults or even threats. Or it all ends peacefully and smoothly!
 This mobile app offers news virtual disputes at the community level, which will, in the opinion of the author of this idea, to speed up the process of proving their point of view on the one hand, and on the other. These virtual disputes should log-in trend as they can be the endpoint of all kinds of domestic and legal disputes. It is no exaggeration to say that with the help of this application, some controversial situations may never reach litigation. They will find their solution here, especially as a commentator or Advisor can be anyone. And often, good advice, said at the time, may affect a private person's opinion, which is a controversial process.
 One of the participants, after a simple registration procedure, puts the centre console is a mobile application virtual disputes and offers second party to the dispute to enter this virtual process with notifications by means of SMS messages or by email. This procedure performs the functionality of this mobile application. When two participants in a virtual dispute begin their dialogue, become accessible for the comments and advice everyone. As already mentioned, the virtual dispute may be unlimited, it will, in the end, the decisive factor for the peaceful settlement of disputes. All the commentators and advisors of such virtual dispute will participate in the ranking, which will determine the functionality of this mobile application. The main ranking will be deemed the number of tips and recommendations that influenced the decision of disputable situations. 
 At the end of this presentation, the administration platform "Innovator" makes the recommendation that the mobile app idea is innovative and promising from both an investment component, and the rapid popularization and user engagement at the global level.
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 30-09-2019, 05:46
The Chinese company Yuneec today introduced to the general public its new development called the Typhoon H3, which is a new format for a professional flight drone with an integrated camera from Leica. Moreover, the model was originally developed with the participation of Leica, which is considered one of the leaders in the production of high-quality and detailed cameras and sensors. As for the direction of use of the Typhoon H3, much can be said here, but first of all, it is worth talking about the technical characteristics of the model, which has yet to conquer the professional drone market.
The drone’s platform is based on a six-rotor platform with a sufficiently flexible degree of maneuverability and the possibility of using additional levers of pressure and direction - thus, the drone can perform really fast and flexible maneuvers even with strong wind resistance. As for the integrated camera in the drone, it is made in the face of the ION L1 Pro sensor model, which previously was highlighted as one of the most detailed and multi-functional camera options on the market - 20 megapixels and the ability to shoot in full 4K resolution at 30 frames per second makes the camera really unusual and revealing.
In addition, the developers note the fact that due to the use of such a smart camera and such a flexible design, the drone model itself can be controlled even without special preparation on the part of the user - which will definitely become one of the most attractive aspects of the new model, taking into account its still forthcoming release on the market.
In addition, it is worth noting the fact that despite the absence of a specific release date from the developers, it can still be assumed that the release of the new model will take place by the end of this year, most likely in December. In addition to the standard Typhoon H3 model, development specialists can also potentially prepare a release for an even more extended and multi-functional version of a professional flight drone.