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DateDate: 6-10-2019, 07:58

Personal non-material and proprietary rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
 During the growth and improvement of information technology and social communication, any new idea or technology has high chances for success and global popularization. Here and in this presentation case, the moderation of the platform "Innovator" makes for investment and crowdiffing consideration the author's idea of an innovative messenger, namely - Individual photo editor-messenger "Innovator".
 So, the idea is that the user after an appropriate simple registration gives access to his already existing photo gallery and contacts. First of all, the functionality of this application will process the entire existing photo album and in automatic mode and will sign every photo and video, depending on its type and color content. That is, the existing photo album will receive the name and comments to each photo snapshot. Further the functional copies the processed photographic materials and places their copies at itself on a platform. Further, the user, having completely unpredictable signatures and comments to his photos, will be able to use Individual photo editor-messenger "Innovator"- as usual, exchanging and sending them in free form, not only in this start-up, but in other existing resources of this kind.
 Also will happen with new photos, and with video. The user will be able to allow the application's functionality to immediately comment and sign new photos and place them on the page and stream stream ribbon without a letter of the messenger. These functions are also adjusted and changed accordingly. It will be possible to additionally set the subject of comments and signatures, set comments in the form of smiles or stickers, the delay time for the start of comments and signatures under a photograph, etc.
 In the opinion of the author of this idea, this innovative approach in the field of photo and video processing and social communication will allow to quickly increase the popularization of this start-up and bring it to the world market. This approach will make it much easier for users to exchange photos in the form of personal or open correspondence.
For example, let's show the simplest process of realizing this photo process - the user made selfie on the background of the sea. The functional of the individual photo editor - messenger "Innovator" signed it - "I'm at the Sea", tied the photo to the place of photography in the form of geolocation data and add a couple of cheerful smiles. Further, the functionality of the application asks the user to place the processed photo in the stream photo stream or forward it to the appropriate subscribers.
 So, we have a completely new, innovative and simplified kind of work with photographic materials and video files.
 This idea is open for both investment and full redemption.


DateDate: 6-10-2019, 07:52

The U.S. Air Force today officially completed the preliminary tests of a new prototype of a protective mask for pilots of military aircraft - we are talking about a prototype of a protective mask JSAM-RW, which is designed to replace the existing Air Force kits. This invention is really important and interesting, as the responsible team of engineers said that the new prototype has five times better operation and six times the amount of battery power. However, this does not mean that the JSAM-RW mask will finally enter its army operation rights next year.
Specialists also test many other similar developments, trying to find out which of the prototypes is the most interesting candidate for design. As for the new mask, it, according to the report of experts and testers, protects the wearer from chemical, biological, radiochemical and even nuclear threats of a certain degree more effectively, while protecting the eyes, nose, mouth and face skin in a more correct and convenient way.
Testers note that after several hours of testing, they did not encounter the problem of overlapping the review, as is often the case with other prototypes, and this is one of the most important aspects. It is known that the JSAM-RW mask will replace the current kits used by pilots and their assistants on board the HH-60G and UH-1N military aircraft, with the exception of Apache helicopters, due to some specific features of the respiratory protection system on board. However, this is unlikely to remain so long.
The fact is that the new concept of the mask suggests an easier and faster way to use it in critical situations - namely, these most often occur directly in military operations and reconnaissance missions. In addition, the invention of the US Air Force continues to be finalized and supplemented, thereby acquiring new opportunities and overcoming previously insurmountable thresholds with the best visibility-functional ratio.