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DateDate: 7-10-2019, 05:52

Is a constituent element of the unique business model of "Innovator".

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 The owner of the most unique business model "Innovator" is the platform - innovative network investments and ideas "Innovator". And so it was decided to publish one of the key components of the business model - the global exchange of ideas "Innovator". The basic semantic value of the entire business model, and the global exchange of ideas in particular, is clear and accessible organization of the market of ideas, which today has its thematic organizational structure and work rules. Below moderators and organizers platform "Innovator" is available I will try to present the author's idea, which partially started.
 So, today there is an opinion that the idea is the most expensive commodity. The idea can be extremely important and necessary, but in the hands of professionals, it will remain not implemented or even forgotten. There are a number of types of thematic projects that promote the ideas, respectively, to make money. For example, crowdfunding. The principle of operation of worldwide exchange of ideas is different, a little bit similar to platform "Innovator", which complement each other, as all are elements of the unique business model of "Innovator".
 The idea of using the world exchange ideas, becomes a full-fledged product, with their documents, trademarks and the right to its possession. At the exit from the exchange of ideas, the idea makes a full presentation, as it will undergo a full certification, licensing and gets the bar code. Naturally, after observing the entire interior of such work, the owner of the idea has on hands the documents confirming ownership of the idea that prevents it from copying and plagiarism in the framework of current legislation. Further the global exchange of ideas begins its standard professional work on selling ideas. That is, as mentioned earlier, the idea becomes marketable and can compete with our marketing and trading prospects of the currency, material and other intellectual products. There, at the world exchange ideas, occur the following standard processes:
  providing places for trade (the meeting place for buyers and sellers);
  the organization of trade;
  the establishment of trade rules, including standards for products sold through the exchange;
  the development of model contracts;
  settlement (arbitration) of disputes;
  information activities;
  the provision of certain guarantees of performance of obligations by the bidders.
  For his services of placing the goods in the form of ideas, and corresponding work on pre-sales, are free. That is, anyone can submit an application for stock exchange services, your ideas and wait for the result of the sale. The exchange of ideas produces a moderation of ideas and begins to engage in all of the features described above. Your earnings world ideas exchange is from the sale of commodity unit - ideas in the form of a percentage!
  Now, world ideas exchange "Innovator" is quite unique and innovative legal entity which is an integral part of a unique business model "Innovator", a function which is the transformation of ideas into product and followed the standard shopping process for her.
  The idea is open for investment or buyback. 

DateDate: 7-10-2019, 05:48

Learning a foreign language is a rather difficult task - especially if you do it without the help of a native speaker. However, the Lily startup has its own answer to this question, which is to use the special smart assistant Lily, who is a smart speaker whose only goal is to teach the user the Chinese language in a fairly natural and fast way through language games and activities with conversational elements. It is assumed that the smart speaker will be released in March next year and will be able to provide users with a really interesting approach to learning Chinese.
Unlike most of its other analogues, the smart speaker Lily focuses its functionality on the ability to provide long and useful conversations in Chinese with a student - according to the developers, the speaker's efficiency is at such a high level that the user does not have to hire a third-party teacher. Especially considering the fact that Lily's smart speaker is also geared towards teaching users how to write and read Chinese characters and rules related to Chinese grammar.
It is worth noting that the current available functionality of the smart assistant teacher Lily is mainly focused on this, however, according to the startup developer, in the future it will be replenished with new features and features that will one way or another distinguish it from many third-party developments similar type. It is hoped that it will be so and that the smart speaker Lily will be able to give its users a truly high level of training!
So far, the project is within the walls of the Kickstarter virtual crowdfunding platform and its initial cost is $ 149 - at least at this price, potential users will be able to place a preliminary order at the time of the model’s release. It is worth noting the fact that in general the smart speaker has promising functionality and a convenient format.