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DateDate: 9-10-2019, 05:55

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 In this author's ideas will be presented a completely new kind of wearable smart devices, namely the head of smart-visor , which can be combined with other hats in various styles and species. Will be described as operating smart capabilities and a completely new and innovative that will expand their circle of consumer demand and use. 
 Now, head smart-visor "Innovator" is, at first view, the usual standard wearable visor different colors, but the basis of which consists of a lower flexible touch panel and the upper protective layer. Rests on the head by standard elastic bands, or by using special clamps which can firmly hold it on a conventional visor. This appearance smart visor is fully described, as the main description is in its smart capabilities.
 First, the adjustment and control of the smart visor will implement the respective mobile applications, which will be carried out using a standard interface. To get started you need to buy a smart cover and install a mobile app. After that, you need to make a standard pair it with your gadget and begin to fully use.
 How this device will work? Put on the head of smart-visor "Innovator" and using mobile applications necessary to lower the bottom touchpad. That is, the user will see before their eyes as the visor is lowered the lower ball, which will represent the same sensory panel, which will displays all necessary or desired information from a paired gadget. Its use will be quite handy in professional activities at the corporate level and at home. Also during passive rest or travel. Smart sun visor to be equipped with built-in speakers and microphone that will allow you to play sound stream or use it for telephone conversation in reception mode-transfer. As an additional feature, will be supplemented by the equipment as a video camera that will allow video shooting or taking selfies. Led built-in items will allow you to change the color of the visor or to serve as a complete lighting device. Quite innovative feature will time lock a paired gadget as smart visor will block fingerprinting. Charging will take place as standard, or using the new wireless charging technology. To conserve the flexible batteries.
 But if more detailed insight into the work of smart-visor "Innovator", it would constitute a duplication of the lower part of the touch panel the touch of all touches that occur to the screen of the paired gadget. This is how we normally work with a personal computer when working with a mouse, and do look at the computer screen. Only in our presentation version the role the mouse plays gadget and the monitor of the personal computer replaces the head of smart-visor.
 In summing up the conclusions of this presentation we can say that the platform "Innovator" has once again published an innovative product in the form of a new wearable smart device that will complement and combine some smart functionality that is used by many users.
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 9-10-2019, 05:50

In the standard set of plans and instructions for motion capture technology, there is a need to search and rent a large room with a lot of necessary equipment and provide actors with fairly expensive costumes with markers that mark the movement of actors and are recorded by cameras. Motion capture technology is actively used in all areas of the entertainment industry, from simple animation to the most expensive video games and films. However, this process is quite long, difficult and often expensive - and therefore the computer engineer Tobias Nageli from the Zurich Polytechnic School has one very interesting plan for optimizing this process.
In general, his project is to replace traditional cameras and monitoring markers on animation actors with flying drones and infrared sensors. At the base, a special suit is still used, with which cameras record the movements of actors in real time, but now these sensors are replaced by infrared patterns that are recorded by drone cameras.
Two, to be more precise - one of the drones covers the foreground of filming, and the second removes external angles, while both follow the movements of infrared sensors. So far, the system is only at the initial stage of its testing, but it is already becoming clear that revising this approach will allow developers to save a lot of time and financial resources in the future, eliminating the need to rent huge rooms and order additional equipment. As for the costume itself, Nageli says that his prototype still requires technological improvements and customization, since it is assumed that the actor will move outside the framework of the given trajectories.
And this automatically means the ability to set several positioning angles at once when shooting, while it is also planned to improve the capabilities of the drone models that will shoot. It is worth noting that if the technology really passes the final stage of testing, then it has quite good chances to take root in the world of large digital entertainment.

DateDate: 9-10-2019, 05:49