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DateDate: 31-10-2019, 06:16

This startup is a constituent element unique business model "Innovator"! 

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 Now in the end of a presentation of the media-direction unique business model "Innovator", the author's ideas most directly investment network investment and ideas "Innovator" exhibit on display the main media on - media-block "Innovator". Media-block "Innovator" will have a significant number of innovative new features that will be described below.
 Now, referring to the topic of the paper and broadcasting crowdfunding the smart radio and television krupoderova channel "Innovator", media unit, as the main media organ, will determine the basic strategy of development of this direction and control the entire broadcasting process of the above media agencies. But this is a standard work, without which it could not do. But of course, in the framework of the entire structure of the business model of "Innovator", with no signature style and innovative components can't do all of the organizational structural work presented media unit.
 Media-block "Innovator" in the first place, for the most part, a virtual self-organized body of innovators and inventors, which has a constant number of members and is voluntary in terms of membership . This part of the "skips" through all the organizational work and preparing relevant of these proposals for the approval of the head of the media unit, which is a real officer. Their mandate will be to develop solutions to those projects which in their opinion are the investment perspective. Off and to accept new members in the virtual self-organized body of innovators and inventors, as he can peer their quantitative composition and head of the media unit on request or submission. 
 Secondly, and most important, a media unit is an integral part of a unique business model "Innovator", which has a fairly innovative structure and could quickly allow the author to a project or idea, which has in the opinion of the authority innovators and inventors the real prospects for growth and development, to obtain the corresponding resource on the basis of investment or crowdfunding. Well, or complete their purchase.
 That is, this whole process a unique business model, and the beans its just a media unit that is designed for providing a real chance for all innovators and inventors, by the way, at the initial stage without paid, on presentation, promotion and the implementation of their projects. And investors who have a specific resource, to give the opportunity to develop innovative projects on a partnership or on the basis of crowdfunding.
 This idea is only open for investment.

DateDate: 31-10-2019, 06:09

The Chinese company DJI is conquering ever new heights in the miniaturization of its drones. A new big step on this path was the folding Mavic Mini weighing just 249 grams, which we all knew about the day before. Due to this weight, he does not even require registration with the US Federal Aviation Administration.
When folded, the device occupies only 140 × 82 × 57 mm (and when unfolded with propellers - 245 × 290 × 55 mm). Despite the miniaturization, the device retained the main features of the more advanced DJI drone - the Mavic Air (it weighs 430 grams), and in some aspects even surpassed it. For example, if Air provided up to 21 minutes of flight, then Mini is able to boast of all 30 minutes.
It is worth mentioning, however, that on the product page there are two Intelligent Flight Battery: lithium-ion weighing 100 g and a capacity of 17.28 Wh; the lithium-polymer weighing 50 g and more than half the capacity - 8.36 Wh . It can be assumed that the weight of 249 g is indicated taking into account a lighter battery, and a flight time of 30 minutes - for a heavier one.
At the same time, a full-fledged 3-axis stabilizer and the ability to fly up to 4 km (in the American FCC mode) or up to 2 km (in the European and, accordingly, Russian MIC / CE mode) migrated to the miniature drone. The camera and sensor also remained almost the same: the Mini can offer a 1 / 2.3 ”CMOS sensor with a resolution of 12 megapixels, a lens with a viewing angle of 83 ° (24 mm in 25 mm equivalent) and an f / 2.8 aperture. Even the focus is not fixed, but variable, from 1 m to infinity. There are collision protection and positioning sensors, as well as a GPS receiver.
There are, however, very noticeable shortcomings: in sports mode, the Mavic Mini can fly at speeds up to 13 m / s against 19 m / s in the Mavic Air; in addition, the maximum video resolution is 2.7K (2720 × 1530 at 30 frames / s) or 1080p (1920 × 1080 at 60 frames / s) with a video stream of only 40 Mbps. For comparison: Air supports 4K / 30p at 100 Mbps. HEVC support could somewhat compensate for the low bit rate, but it is not there either.
DJI also significantly reduced its photo capabilities: for the first time in the Mavic family, the Mavic Mini does not support shooting photos in RAW format - there is only JPEG support. Obviously, the manufacturer is afraid of competition within its own family of quadrocopters and artificially limited the photo and video capabilities of the device, because today even inexpensive smartphones can boast of RAW or 4K video.
Therefore, it is not surprising that DJI focuses on family use and ease of shooting, as well as stickers for painting the body with markers. The DJI Fly mobile application contains various templates that allow you to create great videos with one click (for example, “Droni” (selfie from the drone), “Circle”, “Spiral” and “Rocket”). Even beginners without video editing experience will be able to make workshop videos. And the Fly More kit includes plastic protection for 360 ° propellers, which allows you to safely remove indoors.
A basic set of a drone, a controller and one battery costs $ 399 in the United States, and the Fly More set, which includes 3 batteries, a charger for three batteries, propeller protection and a carrying bag costs $ 499. The company also released a number of accessories.