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DateDate: 29-11-2019, 05:53

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
  Touching on the theme of plagiarism in this presentation, we can say that there is similar applications. Only app virtual collection "Innovator" is part of the innovative series of mobile applications games scan "Innovator", which by itself decides the issue of plagiarism, as it combines play and cognitive approach to the use of the startup, and will be described below.
  So, as in the General approach to functional mobile apps game scan, here also implemented the same algorithm of actions of the future users. Registered users will have the opportunity to photograph or scan all curious and interesting specimens, which will automatically compose a thematic collection. The number of thematic collections can be unlimited as the enthusiasm of one particular user can be versatile. The functionality of this app will sort captured, and then scanned the images in themed collections. To each virtual instance of the collection will be shared description automatic from the startup, as the location where was filmed the collection instance and time. Then in manual mode, the user places one or the other recorded instance in the corresponding thematic collection. That is, having several interests in the form of the collector's direction, the user of this mobile application creates the appropriate collection and places them in the scanned photographs. Also, during use, the user can find interest in other collectible areas. Startup virtual collection "Innovator" will give the opportunity to view the work simple and interesting functionality, as well as tips. Tips will be organizational, such as providing safe links to the specific topic of collecting, and providing information about users in the system application, virtual collectibles, which are also relevant thematic collections.
  That would be easier to understand, for example, describe the application. The user collects the bottle label. At home, he has a certain collection. After scanning the domestic instances and the formation of the collection, he has the opportunity to build your virtual collection with a simple mobile scan and share your virtual collector's item with other users that also have the same personal thematic collection. As already mentioned, the collectibles can be unlimited, that allows you to expand user communities virtual, and then real Dating.
  Startup will determine the ranking of the most active users that will be shown at the end of the respective reporting period. Also the functions will prompt your user if the scanned copy is already with some other user in his personal collection. Also this will allow you to establish new relationships between collectors.
  That is, we have a service that has both cognitive and game sense and can create a lot of relevant thematic linkages and relationships at the global level.
  The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.

DateDate: 29-11-2019, 05:48

Managing Director of PXL Vision Karim Nemr (Karim Nemr) told how the new technology allows you to confirm your identity via smartphone. According to the expert, such an opportunity will greatly facilitate the life of people.
The new technology allows you to replace employees who are currently verifying the identity of potential customers in a bank branch or mobile operator’s store. The process is this: first, the mobile device scans the front and back of its ID card, and then records a short selfie video. Using the application, documents are uploaded to a certified server. Within a few seconds, the system confirms the authenticity of the scanned document and video if there is a real face in front of the camera and if the identity document matches that person. Using this fully automated method, customers can immediately set up a bank account anywhere, with no time limits.
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According to Karim Nemra, the technology, called Daego, supports all international travel documents, as well as other forms of identification, such as a voter card, which serves as the main identity card in Mexico. The new opportunity will come in handy in other areas, for example, when hiring a nanny, private tutor, for online games or dating on the Internet. Using the application, people can quickly check whether the person at the door is really the person who applied for the position. PXL Vision's Managing Director says the new technology is completely secure.