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DateDate: 28-12-2019, 07:58

The company plans to begin construction of a new generation city in the near future and the city of Shanghai in China was chosen as the territory for construction, Planet-today reports.
Vehicle-Road-City Integrated Smart City is the full name of this project, which will be of great value and practical value. Among ordinary people, he is already known as the "smart city." The Chinese startup Human Horizons wants to start developing and producing unmanned vehicles and designing high-tech roads.
Fifth generation networks will be a way to transfer data and access communication. It is also planned to create a special technology that allows communication with various representatives of the infrastructure.
The implementation of cloud computing and the processing of large amounts of data are expected. Three drones will operate on the territory of the “smart city” to effectively collect information.
A special technology based on the 5G system will control the proper functioning of infrastructure facilities. Autonomous movement will also be under control. According to unofficial data, the HiPhi 1 crossover can be used on the territory of the new building.

DateDate: 27-12-2019, 06:26

This is an osmosis based electricity production technology.
Scientists from the USA and Australia managed to create a durable membrane with which it is possible to produce electrical energy from sea water.
The idea is not new, but it was possible to develop its practical implementation only now, reports the BBC Science Focus Magazine.
We are talking about technology for the production of electricity based on osmosis - the process of one-sided diffusion of solvent molecules through a membrane with limited permeability. Molecules tend toward a higher concentration of solute and allow energy to be obtained in several ways.
"One way is to get energy from the pressure that water creates on the membrane. The second way is to get current from movement through the membrane of ions. This method is well suited for places where sea water meets the river," said scientists at the University of Michigan.
Until now, scientists have not been able to create a membrane that would not lose its properties with prolonged immersion in sea water. Now that the developers have launched special aramid nanofibres, everything worked out. "We have created a flexible and durable material of a new generation, which does not lose its unique properties even after several hundred hours in sea water," the authors of the project note.

DateDate: 26-12-2019, 05:48

F-Eye UAV Technology has tested an alcohol-powered drone.
Testing of the FY-36 drone on methanol was held in conjunction with the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, writes the South China Morning Post.
Today, several companies in the world are developing drones with fuel cells. Most of them use hydrogen as fuel.
The weight of the FY-36 drone, which was tested in China, is 15 kg. The device can carry another 3 kg of payload. The drone is made according to the airplane scheme with the main propeller in the tail. In addition, the device is equipped with two beams on which there are two electric motors with rotors - they are needed for vertical take-off and landing.
F-Eye UAV Technology has already completed more than 15 test flights. In the future, the developers intend to create a larger model of a drone that will carry heavy loads.

DateDate: 23-12-2019, 05:50

The Finnish government has created an introductory online course on artificial intelligence for citizens of the country. Now everyone has access to it as a Christmas present
About it writes The Verge.
In total, the course consists of 6 sections. They describe what artificial intelligence is, what problems it solves and where it is applied. Finland promises to translate the course into all languages of the countries of the European Union. A lecture entitled “Elements of Artificial Intelligence” is available in English, Swedish, Estonian, German and Finnish.
It will be possible to go from anywhere in the world.
In Finland, about 55 thousand citizens have already completed the course. In total, it may take from 5 to 10 hours to study one section. The Finnish government initially developed a course to give citizens an edge in the field of artificial intelligence.

DateDate: 20-12-2019, 05:49

Scientists call such a device a non-invasive way to collect and compile information about your health without leaving your home.
Scientists Joshua Kun and Jan Miller and two participants in the study found that the molecular composition of their urine shows how much they slept, what physical activity they did, how much they consumed alcohol or coffee, and when and how many over-the-counter drugs they took. Urine actually contains a “liquid history” of a person’s eating habits, performing or not performing physical exercises, taking medications, sleeping, and other lifestyle elements. This fluid also contains metabolic indications of more than 600 human diseases, including major killers such as cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease. ”
Scientists hope that their product will be ready in five years.
Source: Daily Mail
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