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31-08-2021, 20:13

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 One of the simplest, and at the same time, a sufficiently global perspective and the author's ideas according to the administration platform "Innovator". The author still found innovative cell in a large range of photo apps.
 And so, mobile app games scan "Photoskan" will be a free app operating systems. Very simple download, without indication of personal data allows the user to quickly start using them. Will only request permission to access the photo album in Your gadget.
 "Photoskan" starts with a photo, scanning there faces, profiles, and landscapes. And so in every device where this app is installed. The more downloaded apps, the more interesting and exciting will work in a startup "Photoscan".
 When the scanning of the album, the app in your memory leave all the necessary information. If in some photos of different users there is a similarity in facial features, profiles, place where the photo was taken, the app by audible signal gives to know its user. Further, the user, optionally, if he is this man will be interesting, can request personal data of this person. So can occur, which can even change the lives of people who met through "Photoskan".
 This is one of the functionals that will work in this application. On the opening of the special functions will be paid.
 The interest of investors you can attract, arguing that this project can compete in line with well-known mobile photo applications.
 Opened for investment, or full redemption.
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30-08-2021, 05:17

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  The author of this original idea decided to extend the functional and gaming possibilities so popular in our time spinner. The following features will expand all of the existing capabilities of the device and to increase the number of users and the range of its use. Mechanical features will be added and interactive, and will be described below. 
  Now, a series of bodily local spinners "Innovator" will include a number of original mechanical devices and functional application which will be similar to the conventional spinner. That is, will apply rotational and circular mechanical movement of the device. And that's the only similarity with existing spinners. 
  Bodily local spinners or BLS will dress in different parts of the body and secured with appropriate clamps. That is, for example, BLS can be worn on any part of the hands. Then the user will be able to quietly and conveniently rotate the petals frame this body and the spinner around its axis, which will be dressed on the arm. This BLS will be dressed on the one hand, and second hand you can make the standard applicable functional motion. Accordingly, a series of BLS will consist of several types, the task of which is the ability to wear them on different parts of the body, including the neck, arms, legs. The petals can be of various shapes and sizes. Also, additional features will be provided and the original mount that will allow mounting of BLS under different angle and in different environments, including mounting on clothing or shoes. 
  This idea is also already present an interactive component, the use of data, corporal local spinners. That is, first and foremost, BLS will be a mandatory condition for the possibility of electric charging. This is necessary for proper functioning of BSL that would include the possibility of led lighting, the possibility of sound effects with a miniature speaker that changes speed and performing a rotation of the petals of BLS using built-in miniature electric motor. Accordingly, the composition of this device will be the battery elements for implementing the above presented interactive features. 
  And of course, all these interactive processes will be monitored and adjusted eponymous mobile app that allows you to enable its users all these innovative features of this innovative product. 
  Quite a lot of additional features will be available in the bodily local spinners "Innovator", but they will be available to potential investors or partners on the terms of their joint activities or complete foreclosure of this original idea. 
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29-08-2021, 16:00

Is a constituent element of the unique business model of "Innovator".

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 The owner of the most unique business model "Innovator" is the platform - innovative network investments and ideas "Innovator". And so it was decided to publish one of the key components of the business model - the global exchange of ideas "Innovator". The basic semantic value of the entire business model, and the global exchange of ideas in particular, is clear and accessible organization of the market of ideas, which today has its thematic organizational structure and work rules. Below moderators and organizers platform "Innovator" is available I will try to present the author's idea, which partially started.
 So, today there is an opinion that the idea is the most expensive commodity. The idea can be extremely important and necessary, but in the hands of professionals, it will remain not implemented or even forgotten. There are a number of types of thematic projects that promote the ideas, respectively, to make money. For example, crowdfunding. The principle of operation of worldwide exchange of ideas is different, a little bit similar to platform "Innovator", which complement each other, as all are elements of the unique business model of "Innovator".
 The idea of using the world exchange ideas, becomes a full-fledged product, with their documents, trademarks and the right to its possession. At the exit from the exchange of ideas, the idea makes a full presentation, as it will undergo a full certification, licensing and gets the bar code. Naturally, after observing the entire interior of such work, the owner of the idea has on hands the documents confirming ownership of the idea that prevents it from copying and plagiarism in the framework of current legislation. Further the global exchange of ideas begins its standard professional work on selling ideas. That is, as mentioned earlier, the idea becomes marketable and can compete with our marketing and trading prospects of the currency, material and other intellectual products. There, at the world exchange ideas, occur the following standard processes:
  providing places for trade (the meeting place for buyers and sellers);
  the organization of trade;
  the establishment of trade rules, including standards for products sold through the exchange;
  the development of model contracts;
  settlement (arbitration) of disputes;
  information activities;
  the provision of certain guarantees of performance of obligations by the bidders.
  For his services of placing the goods in the form of ideas, and corresponding work on pre-sales, are free. That is, anyone can submit an application for stock exchange services, your ideas and wait for the result of the sale. The exchange of ideas produces a moderation of ideas and begins to engage in all of the features described above. Your earnings world ideas exchange is from the sale of commodity unit - ideas in the form of a percentage!
  Now, world ideas exchange "Innovator" is quite unique and innovative legal entity which is an integral part of a unique business model "Innovator", a function which is the transformation of ideas into product and followed the standard shopping process for her.
  The idea is open for investment or buyback. 
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28-08-2021, 15:50

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  This author's idea is published under the authorship of innovative network investments and ideas "Innovator". The platform is Creator and initiator of this project, as the number of author's ideas, the Foundation of which is a virtual services that enable you to create and run a global operating system, at the level of IOS, ANDROID or WINDOWS phone. Below is presented the operating principle and the basic idea of creation and functioning of this product.
  So, quite ambitious and innovative project, which carries a promising direction in the creation of a new operating system on a global level, as a growing number of mobile devices and applications to them. And according to analysts, the growth will have many more years to come. Well quite costly, it will need to strengthen the existing and to form a stronger and more professional team.
  The main idea of the functioning of the new operating system will be constant individual innovation component for each user. That is, each new user will be able to use standard filling system, or make individual corrections and suggestions. If more than available to explain the global operating system "Innovator" will be individually floating. The standard content of the system also will include many innovations such as gesture control and the scanner identify the hair of a user, identification not only with fingerprints and other body parts ( ears or nails ), the mood the color theme of the interface of the system using the emotional state of its user, and much more that will delight new users. 
  Individual innovative component will be formed only at the request or desire of the new user. It will be possible to implement the combination of available operating systems, take from them those features that are more individually suited to him. Or offer innovations in existing services that will be implemented and applied individually to the user. If his offer is promising according to estimates by the moderators and experts of the global operating system "Innovator", then there are chances to advance these proposals through the system and become the owner of the copyright. This may entail a financial component with prospects for consumer growth to that user-innovator. That is, the use of individual services and applications can push its users towards innovative ideas with the prospects of their implementation.
  But the main and super promising component of the global operating system will not be disclosed in the public domain, as it is the main ideas in the future its operation. This feature was the impetus for the creation of this operating system.
  Platform "Innovator" invites the joint investment cooperation in the development of global operating system "Innovator" and move it to the global scale of use and application.
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28-08-2021, 05:18

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea is that our usual handshake, kissing at the meeting or hugs replace mobile touch hands. Quite an ambitious project, a lot of it innovative components and contradictions, but everything is new and unexplored is of great interest and the explosive popularization. The author of the idea and the platform "Innovator", referring to the legislation on copyright, has decided to present in this presentation this startup. 
 Mobile app games scan handshake is an application that aktiviziruyutsya when you touch the entire width of Your palm to the screen of Your gadget. The user of this application offers your gadget to the palm of the person why called "Handscan" who met and wants to say Hello to him. It sounds the signal which notifies that the procedure is followed and the task of greetings is implemented. It's kind of scanning the palm of your hand in a game style. Any similarity of the prints of the palm or fingers in this procedure gives a slightly different sound signal greetings and says that previously it mobile touch the handshake has been implemented with this man. In the form of statistical data, the count of handshakes in each gadget, where your application is installed. A scan of the handshake can bind to a contact in Your gadget, where is visible the statistics. With this innovative procedure handshakes enforced public hygiene and decreases the risk of diseases specific skin diseases.
 Your gadget, for that would worked this app will have the ability to scan your palm across the plane of your screen and constantly be in active mode. 
 Actually, not all the functionality represented here. What can be done to potential investors or potential buyers of the author's ideas.
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