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5-01-2022, 06:06

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 Your attention is completely new innovative idea, like all ideas that are published for viewing and investing on the platform of "Innovator". Signaling system playing fields "Innovator" will allow you to accurately and quickly control the game process, that takes on the backburner contentious issues that arise in the process of sports games using a ball. It also introduces a new term - the smart ball. Applicable to any sport where balls are.
 And so, in the example of tennis, we will show the main functionality of this startup: a tennis ball, well balanced, and gently placed a special chip that is programmed to reads the game information, subject to field sizes. Information about all the movements of this smart ball is passed to the controller. The controller, in violation of the rules of the game in question compliance with the playing areas during games, gives sound and light signals. The very boundaries of the playing field equipped with magnetic strips that allow you to control the movement of the same smart ball. That is, when the ball at least a little bit flies out of the boundaries of the playing field, sound and light signals immediately give to know about it. Even the leaves on the second plan of the video recording and time spent on clarification of issues in respect of gaming zones. A mobile app that will be available for download, was gives the user to monitor the control processes of the gameplay. 
 On the same principle it is possible to use this system in any sport where there is a clear field boundary and used the ball. 
 Now, we have a system which takes precise, fast and reliable control of the process of sports games, which entails the correctness of the counting results of the sports game and save time on clarifying controversial issues.
 The idea is open for investment, and for its full redemption.
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