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6-06-2022, 11:20

Currently, fortunately, a very small percentage of births ends in a stillborn baby. Nevertheless, even such a small amount is unacceptable in the era of scientific advances! Scientists from the University of Queensland (Australia) have developed an application whose goal is to avoid stillbirth. But how can an application do this?
The mobile application counts the tremors of the child and reports this to the expectant mother. Scientists say that often the only warning signal that the fetus has stopped developing is its movement. But determining changes “by eye” is very difficult. The application should notify future parents of any changes in the motor activity of the child, and timely access to a doctor can prevent the tragedy of sinking fetus. In fact, the developed application is an additional control tool. My Baby's Movements (MBM) has been tested in Brisbane hospitals. The study involved more than 300,000 pregnant women.
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