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12-06-2022, 03:02

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 This application is contrary to the normal settings of Your gadgets, which is in the form of innovation shows new possibilities of mobile devices. Startup "StatusPhone" works on the principle of supply status information of the called subscriber, which is reflected on the screen of the calling user. The functionality of "StatusPhone" will be described below.
 In different situations, we, as users of mobile devices, mostly smartphones, custom their work for themselves, referring to the surrounding circumstances and causes. That is , if we need to set the sound mode of our device, its mode of vibration or volume level, we, of course, include the appropriate settings. And these personal personal preferences known only to us. Naturally, the users that we are trying to get through, do not know our situation or plans of the surrounding circumstances. They are causing us subscribers, of course not out of malice, we can repeatedly dial from your mobile device than can cause a definite negative in a future communication. And if they knew, at least roughly, some elementary tips that we are not able to answer them now, then negativity can be less.
 Now, the mobile application "StatusPhone" offers these tips, which will be known to the subscriber who tries to call to another subscriber from your mobile device. In fact, it looks like this - the user of the gadget with the use of a mobile app "StatusPhone", in the case of my future employment ( meeting, simply relax or, for example, driving ), for that would cause his subscribers knew about it, included in this startup and puts a certain status. The list of statuses is as standard, e.g. "busy", "call back later", "driving", and the individual - "abroad", "I have a day off!!!" etc. This status will be reflected to the caller in the form of voice or text information, and he, the caller, upon receipt of this report what it's doing or how busy callee will be clearly and quickly aware of the information that will allow him not to worry about the access to this subscriber at this time the time of the call. And we don't have via relatives, friends and acquaintances of the called party to look for information about where he is, what he is busy or when it can be heard.
 That is, we have an application that will allow us to very quickly and reliably know about the temporary status of the callee, which will significantly simplify the procedure of dealing with certain issues and speed up the adoption of relevant decisions. 
 Author's project "StatusPhone" ready for investment partnership or buyout.
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