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14-06-2022, 02:15

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
  The author of this innovative startup has invested quite an easy function that, if run, will run in automatic mode to carry the information service. The service will be individual to each user, even in some cases will be an integral part in the use of related Internet resources. Perhaps the relevant Internet critics, an innovative mobile app "lifetime" will be , initially, perceived as incorrect. Nevertheless, moderation of the platform "Innovator" offers for your investment consideration of a presentation.
  So, as already mentioned, the functionality will be quite simple and understandable for every user. With the launch of innovative mobile app "lifetime" new user just specifies the date of birth and permit access to their social media accounts and to their photo gallery. Further, subject to these terms of use by this startup, each social media user, and ( or ) the photo and video materials, will appear a window where will be displayed the years, months, days, hours, minutes and even seconds. The data will be displayed in the active mode, i.e., the user will constantly see how, in a temporary value, runs his life and how he, the user, have lived. Of course, this is not a mandatory requirement for each user to install this mobile application, but to be constantly aware of this temporary life values will be useful. 
  Another function of this startup is quite topical today - in the terms of use will be required access this app to several people close to the user. That is, when registering a new user indicates whether access to a few of their close relatives or friends. This functionality of this application will be at check-in to notify. This is necessary for when the user dies, any of the previously selected users could log in to the functionality of the application this user and supply a corresponding label that the user died. After that on all the social media accounts of a deceased active user counter will be stopped. This will be another information service of this startup. 
  The administration platform "Innovator", with the moderation of this author's ideas have come to the conclusion that this startup is interesting enough for big Internet corporations, so the spacecraft carries a full globalization of the innovative services in the matter of the above subjects. This is the first kind of such services. Naturally, the author did not disclose the full functionality of this startup. 
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption. 
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