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18-06-2022, 10:38

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 The idea is a bottle stopper that is not necessary , traditionally, Unscrew clockwise in order to open the bottle. In this idea, the tube is opened with a light blow at the bottle tube top. At the bottom of the tube has a retainer for rolled ring, when you hit a traffic jam, which will release the stopper to open the bottle. The closing is the same way-tube put in place(on the bottle), and a slight blow on the cap top, she closes the bottle neck in the same tight position it was in before opening the bottle. Only the lower retainer ring has to be in an open position that says that this bottle had been previously opened.
Also, such a tube may have a hinged locking mechanism which allow not to drop the plug, in case uncomfortable using the bottle( at night, on the road, etc.).
This invention allows to simplify the opening of bottles in different fields of applications.
The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.
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