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15-06-2022, 02:18

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  Platform "Innovator" with its collective responsibility declares that the author's idea of an innovative mobile app "Mom-Dad" is completely new and unique that gives all the chances of its investment interest and promotion of all age categories of users who will use it as the accounting services, the relationship of children with their parents.
 Now, a lot of the time points related to the relationship of children and their parents, are not observed. A lot of forgotten events, and this relationship may weaken or even rupture. All of these actions often occur, even not on purpose, we do not plan and cannot control. This is not always the case but happens often.
 The functionality of an innovative mobile app "Mom-Dad" will have unlimited period of use, as this startup is aimed at the continuation of the work, since its registration within the same family with the condition and the possibility of its subsequent transfer to the next family generation. That is, his usage will be transmitted from parents to their children as a family heirloom that will retain all the information, which will be described below.
 The application will be directed to maintaining and improving the relationship of children with their parents using the original specifications and functionality. New users begin their use with the registration, which indicates personal and contact information, and their parents. Also the necessary requirements for the proper functioning need to be activated for permanent control of the geolocation data of parents and children. Further action includes the functionality of an innovative mobile app "Mother-Father".
 First, the app will focus on what would be the relationship of children with their parents on a regular basis. The whole family life will be reflected in the form of a calendar, which you can view and remember all the past moments and events that took place in the joint family life of the respective generation. Events and moments will be recorded using video and photo materials, for example photo album. It will be a virtual family photo album, the formation of which will never end. 
  When children and parents live together, the application will remind them of joint festivals and events, both parties can lead their family diaries, photos and videos will be automatically tied to dates and events. And already in the separate custody of the children and parents, primarily a function of geolocation is to know about the whereabouts of family members, because this is important to control the movement of elderly parents by children. The app will constantly remind the children that they should visit their parents in their old age, this need increases. Of course, all these visits will be recorded in the calendar. It is desirable that in such family visits and meetings were photos and videos that will improve the information content of memories during a calendar view. The application can bind a variety of services monitoring of health status of both children and their parents. For example, wearable smart devices that monitor blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, etc. A complete list of functionality of the future mobile bestseller!
  That is, in the end of the presentation the author's ideas we can say that there is a mobile application that bude maintain records and partial organization of family life, it can and should be transferred through generations. The app name is selected such as main memories will be directed on the lives of our parents in the face of Moms and Dads! 
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.
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14-06-2022, 02:15

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
  The author of this innovative startup has invested quite an easy function that, if run, will run in automatic mode to carry the information service. The service will be individual to each user, even in some cases will be an integral part in the use of related Internet resources. Perhaps the relevant Internet critics, an innovative mobile app "lifetime" will be , initially, perceived as incorrect. Nevertheless, moderation of the platform "Innovator" offers for your investment consideration of a presentation.
  So, as already mentioned, the functionality will be quite simple and understandable for every user. With the launch of innovative mobile app "lifetime" new user just specifies the date of birth and permit access to their social media accounts and to their photo gallery. Further, subject to these terms of use by this startup, each social media user, and ( or ) the photo and video materials, will appear a window where will be displayed the years, months, days, hours, minutes and even seconds. The data will be displayed in the active mode, i.e., the user will constantly see how, in a temporary value, runs his life and how he, the user, have lived. Of course, this is not a mandatory requirement for each user to install this mobile application, but to be constantly aware of this temporary life values will be useful. 
  Another function of this startup is quite topical today - in the terms of use will be required access this app to several people close to the user. That is, when registering a new user indicates whether access to a few of their close relatives or friends. This functionality of this application will be at check-in to notify. This is necessary for when the user dies, any of the previously selected users could log in to the functionality of the application this user and supply a corresponding label that the user died. After that on all the social media accounts of a deceased active user counter will be stopped. This will be another information service of this startup. 
  The administration platform "Innovator", with the moderation of this author's ideas have come to the conclusion that this startup is interesting enough for big Internet corporations, so the spacecraft carries a full globalization of the innovative services in the matter of the above subjects. This is the first kind of such services. Naturally, the author did not disclose the full functionality of this startup. 
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption. 
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13-06-2022, 02:18

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.

 The idea is that the front part of the belt is embedded flexible led panel. Special application with which it is possible to work using a desktop computer or laptop, according to the principle of pairing via USB cable, before use of this accessory of clothing can change the words, phrases and sentences. Also, the job opportunities will play a marquee of different colors and a different image of the simple smile. Options can be as compact batteries, and just with replaceable batteries.
 In the future, in the process of implementation in the everyday life of flexible touch panels, in the front part of the belt "Innovator" will be mounted in such a flexible touchpad different lengths. What will be depends on its value. In such a configuration they can operate in tandem with the gadget via a special mobile application. Accordingly, the image on the belt will be more saturated and more information. 
As a result we have colorful and information product in clothes which will bring a new fashion trend in young people's lives, and not only...
 In addition to this idea, this idea is also applicable to belts of all kinds of bags permissible width.
The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.


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12-06-2022, 03:02

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 This application is contrary to the normal settings of Your gadgets, which is in the form of innovation shows new possibilities of mobile devices. Startup "StatusPhone" works on the principle of supply status information of the called subscriber, which is reflected on the screen of the calling user. The functionality of "StatusPhone" will be described below.
 In different situations, we, as users of mobile devices, mostly smartphones, custom their work for themselves, referring to the surrounding circumstances and causes. That is , if we need to set the sound mode of our device, its mode of vibration or volume level, we, of course, include the appropriate settings. And these personal personal preferences known only to us. Naturally, the users that we are trying to get through, do not know our situation or plans of the surrounding circumstances. They are causing us subscribers, of course not out of malice, we can repeatedly dial from your mobile device than can cause a definite negative in a future communication. And if they knew, at least roughly, some elementary tips that we are not able to answer them now, then negativity can be less.
 Now, the mobile application "StatusPhone" offers these tips, which will be known to the subscriber who tries to call to another subscriber from your mobile device. In fact, it looks like this - the user of the gadget with the use of a mobile app "StatusPhone", in the case of my future employment ( meeting, simply relax or, for example, driving ), for that would cause his subscribers knew about it, included in this startup and puts a certain status. The list of statuses is as standard, e.g. "busy", "call back later", "driving", and the individual - "abroad", "I have a day off!!!" etc. This status will be reflected to the caller in the form of voice or text information, and he, the caller, upon receipt of this report what it's doing or how busy callee will be clearly and quickly aware of the information that will allow him not to worry about the access to this subscriber at this time the time of the call. And we don't have via relatives, friends and acquaintances of the called party to look for information about where he is, what he is busy or when it can be heard.
 That is, we have an application that will allow us to very quickly and reliably know about the temporary status of the callee, which will significantly simplify the procedure of dealing with certain issues and speed up the adoption of relevant decisions. 
 Author's project "StatusPhone" ready for investment partnership or buyout.
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11-06-2022, 02:07

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  Presented below startup is the real mobile app, innovation of which is in the virtual presence of users in real places in on-line mode. That is, the author of this original idea offers to bring it to life with the help of mobile applications "Inport", situational moments, when there is, for some reason, to be in desired locations, and the presence there is enough desired or necessary. This presentation will describe a virtual presence in the discos of the world by using individual mobile disco portal "INDISCO".
  So, on the one hand, there is no problem to virtually visit via the Internet any place where you have access to video cameras. But a professional and original approach with the appropriate functional moderation platform "Innovator" is not found why and consented to the presentation of this idea. First and foremost, for proper functioning of the application, the institutions of this disco will be invited to give appropriate access to their video cameras. They will be interested and glad that their original disco events and parties have become known to a larger circle of people as the users of this application initially will be able to attend these events virtually. After the first time a virtual visit any discos, app your reminders will encourage user to a real visit to this disco. Now how all this will happen in a real operation.
  The user installs the app, indicating your location. The application provides full list of existing discos with future programs and announcements. The user reserves a virtual visit to the relevant institution or institutions and is waiting for a sound or text notification from the mobile application on the beginning of the event. When the signal is received, the user can view in real time the course of an entire disco of the event with the possibility of virtual Dating or ordering of songs. All this will be available only when reservations virtual visits of remote users and actual visitors of the institution. The real visitors of discotheques in real time place a request for their desired plans for the evening, and waiting for an offer for their implementation. That is, when booking places on the disco to any virtual user, you can see suggestions for real visitors. That is one of the main functional innovations of this application.
  The same procedure takes place and the order of the songs or the delivery of meals from the menu of this establishment. Also functionality will allow on the screen of the gadget is original to combine the existing disco lighting and a light show with sound. That is, will the effect of the presence of close to a real visit.
In summing up the presentation, you can say that this application provides an original method of virtual presence at the disco, applying a fantastic method of porting. 
  What is important to future investment prospects for this startup, is that some services are quite right to make a charge. 
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption. 
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