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5-08-2022, 02:14

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 In the modern prototypes of the future cars we already expect a fully automated process control and maintenance. It is also expected complete replacement of the entire interface of the future cars. But of course, it is still a matter of a few years, maybe decades. In the author's ideas touch automotive glass we will approach future smart devices that will be commercially applied in the near future.
 Touch auto glass "Innovator" imagine a flexible touch panel as a transparent type, and no standard sizes for certain models of cars that can display the managed information, thereby not interfering with the operation of the vehicle as the driver of the vehicle and to other road users. Information can be as a promotional base and technical component. For example, an auto-dimming touch glass, a fingerprint sensor, which will facilitate the opening of the vehicle and will increase the probability of safe from car thieves. Cars taxi services it is much easier to provision of information on corporate contacts and the status of their employment. Emergency services, during checkout, touch auto glass will help to quickly convey information to people about the course of emergencies. And many more that can afford the technology of flexible touch panels and use them to their destination. Without transparent touch auto glass will fall and rise in the likeness of ordinary glass, and will serve as a secondary automobile glass that you can use as needed. The management of these smart devices will produce as the interface of the car, and the eponymous mobile app.
 Will exist a simple and cheap way to use this technology - applied touch of automotive glass. They can be fastened to the car door from the back side. They will perform the same functions and controlled, only in a more simple design. 
 That is, we have the present use of future technologies, which will simplify some of the processes outlined above and make a new fashion trend in their performance.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.
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