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6-08-2022, 02:42




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 The idea is that there is no need smokers along with a pack of cigarettes, and carry a lighter or matches. The draft of this cigarette packs is made so that at the end of each cigarette attached miniature incendiary capsule, which in turn (capsule), also has fasteners to the bottom of a cigarette pack. When a smoker pulls out a cigarette, respectively, the capsule while the movement is ignited and ignites the cigarette. About the principle of the ordinary firecrackers, but instead of a festive cotton is a combustion end of a cigarette a time delay of 1-3 seconds. The technology of the capsule need to be refined to such a view, that was the real high probability of ignition and a high degree of security. 
 Get the usability of a cigarette pack with ease of use in windy weather and in the rain, in the cold. Moving away from the use of lighters and matches.
 The idea is open for investments, and partial redemption.
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