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30-11-2022, 11:22



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 Recently, people have paid a lot of attention to the stabilization of their internal state and the knowledge of their "I". They are looking for means and ways to implement these not simple tasks. They study the necessary literature a lot, undergo trainings, organize joint meetings and more and more resort to meditation. But, also an important aspect in this process is played by your inner environment - both people and things, the very place where self-knowledge and internal stabilization take place. And, the very concept - the Place of Power, is also included in our understanding more and more actively and extensively.
  The innovative application "Place of Power" in its functionality has a very simple algorithm for using and registering, but it opens up the possibility of creating a grid of such places that can be used by all users who have passed the appropriate registration. New users, after registration, mark their personal Place of Power with a geolocation tag, describe it (optionally), argue their choice and (also optionally) invite him to visit both jointly and separately from them. Well, and other functionality that will be available in the application itself.
  Summing up this description of the idea, we can conclude that the functionality of this mobile application will organize a social network of a new format, taking into account modernity.
 This idea is open both for investment and for its complete redemption.
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