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7-12-2022, 14:32


Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 

  This author's idea is published under the authorship of innovative network investments and ideas "Innovator". The platform is Creator and initiator of this project, as the number of author's ideas, the Foundation of which is a virtual services that enable you to create and run a global operating system, at the level of IOS, ANDROID or WINDOWS phone. Below is presented the operating principle and the basic idea of creation and functioning of this product.
  So, quite ambitious and innovative project, which carries a promising direction in the creation of a new operating system on a global level, as a growing number of mobile devices and applications to them. And according to analysts, the growth will have many more years to come. Well quite costly, it will need to strengthen the existing and to form a stronger and more professional team.
  The main idea of the functioning of the new operating system will be constant individual innovation component for each user. That is, each new user will be able to use standard filling system, or make individual corrections and suggestions. If more than available to explain the global operating system "Innovator" will be individually floating. The standard content of the system also will include many innovations such as gesture control and the scanner identify the hair of a user, identification not only with fingerprints and other body parts ( ears or nails ), the mood the color theme of the interface of the system using the emotional state of its user, and much more that will delight new users. 
  Individual innovative component will be formed only at the request or desire of the new user. It will be possible to implement the combination of available operating systems, take from them those features that are more individually suited to him. Or offer innovations in existing services that will be implemented and applied individually to the user. If his offer is promising according to estimates by the moderators and experts of the global operating system "Innovator", then there are chances to advance these proposals through the system and become the owner of the copyright. This may entail a financial component with prospects for consumer growth to that user-innovator. That is, the use of individual services and applications can push its users towards innovative ideas with the prospects of their implementation.
  But the main and super promising component of the global operating system will not be disclosed in the public domain, as it is the main ideas in the future its operation. This feature was the impetus for the creation of this operating system.
  Platform "Innovator" invites the joint investment cooperation in the development of global operating system "Innovator" and move it to the global scale of use and application.
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