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16-01-2023, 05:49


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 The idea of the incarnation in the full life spray-products continue their development. This publication presents more ideas for products that in its original form was entered in our everyday life many years ago. Some do not represent the conduct of the meals and cooking.
 Introducing spray-mayonnaise "Innovator", spray or spray ketchup-sauces "Innovator" and spray mustard "Innovator". Let's start in order:
 1). Spray mayonnaise in its structure has foamy mayonnaise composition, the respective original flavor of the composition, which is placed in a cartridge under standard pressure and application principle as in conventional aerosol cans. At the exit of the spray, spray the mayonnaise is very easy to use in any cooking directions. Very useful and original applications of this product. 
 2). Spray ketchup and also spray all kinds of sauces work on the principle of a spray of mayonnaise, but have a greater range of taste characteristics. Also see the usability in the home and holiday use, and on outdoor activities or traveling.
3). Spray-mustard has the same performance characteristics, except for the taste.
 In summarizing the author's ideas we can say that on our tables very soon you will stand absolutely other packing containers, which will facilitate us the use of the products located in them.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.
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