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26-01-2023, 06:07


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  In life and sales there are options for the use of such products. But in the proposed examples, there is a narrow use, almost exclusively in industrial use. In this author's ideas like this presented products have the versatility and innovation that will be spelled out below. 
 The idea is that the first inflatable packaging is used in the decoration of gifts. We pack the gifts in the gift shop or in specialized areas of the packaging. In the process of this action, we choose the color of the packaging, some belts and bind it or some decoration on the package want to put. Now the packager can from a huge number of ready-made options to put the gift in a balloon package and inflate it. You can also be placed on the inflatable package of the same kind inflatable decoration that will also be available in huge quantities of options for sale. At the end of this operation we have beautiful bouncy Boxing, with a huge number of color options and sizes, which is nice to give and safe to use in the process of transportation. As another new feature inflatable packaging is colorful and the sound opening it. It will be possible just like for example festive firecrackers, pulling a special rope, and an inflatable packing quickly will be removed from the gift with the appropriate festive cotton confetti.
  Industrial use will also apply this technology, the only innovation is that inflating it will need in passing the packaging process. That is, users will have a kind of tape roll which can be cut blocks to wrap the goods. After the wrap, having a conventional pump or compressor equipment, packaging and inflated, respectively, ready for use or transport. 
  It also introduces a new concept of inflatable bottle packaging, which performs both the functions of secure transportation, and aesthetic functions use in public places. In many countries, in accordance with applicable law, forbidden to drink alcohol, low alcohol drinks and beer in public places with bottles without packaging. So, one option attractive and safe solution to this problem could be inflatable bottle packaging. Moreover, designs can be various, and even producers of alcoholic and other beverages, for example dairy bottle production, can sell complete with its main products are such inflatable bottle packaging.
  Now, we have an innovative product, which can cause the emergence of new brands, can cause the development of a new fashionable style that will allow him to develop at the international or global level.
  The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.
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