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31-01-2023, 20:08


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 The mobile app is the primary governing body of all the innovative touch of Cutlery. The app can be used both in the home and commercial purposes at the organization of the workflow in the restaurants, canteens and cafes.
 First and foremost, the app is designed for use in the home. The information that will be displayed on the touch screens of Cutlery, will be strictly individual for each registered user. Touch Cutlery serving as a remote device to Your gadget for example smart watches. Touch sensor Cutlery let me know about the quantity of food, its quality and caloric content. A mobile application evaluates the submitted data, processes it and gives its recommendations. The mobile app can be used with medical purposes, when the doctor clearly controls the entire diet of his patient.
 For commercial purposes it will be very interesting this technology is applicable in monitoring the food intake of customers by the staff for the restaurant and public spaces. The staff is clearly aware of the presence of food in the bowls of the client, that would be the time to remove the dirty dishes from their clients is a very effective commercial advertising, which is centrally will be broadcast on screens touch Cutlery appropriate institutions, will be accurate, subject to the availability of the entire set of touch of Cutlery, as they are for remote control of administration of institutions, etc.
 Today, as part of the mobile application Cutlery, presents only the touch plate, the touch a touch a spoon and fork. Soon here will be added the number of devices the table-touch and table-smart type.
 The app will have free registration. Table touch devices, of course, have their price. 
 Considers the investment component or full redemption of the author's ideas.
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