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9-03-2023, 07:18


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The author of a series of mobile applications games scan added another idea in the framework of this project. With the increasing popularization of this direction, moderation of the platform "Innovator" with pleasure represents the startup. Moreover, the project has no analogues in its functionality and can be used by users around the world, and will be described below.
 So, the principle and the functionality of the mobile apps gaming scanning consists in the combination of scan with the help of photo and video shooting, with a game effect. In the list of already existing startups this topic is, there are about ten different. A new startup will scan the voice and the tone of voice of the user. It is called, is the app voice-recognition "Innovator".
 The main and preferred result of a mobile application will be to define individual voice utterances of the user and its intonation. It will all be determined in the case when the user will install on your gadget the app will give access to their voice speech. The functionality will scan the speech and the intonation of its user and make it into its database. Further, when relevant information will be scanned and entered into the database, then your user application is voice identification will provide a list of other users whose voice and intonation are fully or partially coincides with the voice data. That is, the user in the list will be able to see like a people by their voice or tone, and if you want to talk to them, as when registering new users will provide their contact information. And accordingly, the more registered users in the application, the greater the similarity in voice and tone. And more opportunities to increase the list of friends with this innovative principle. 
Additional features of this app will be the geolocation of users with similar voice characteristics with the possibility of building a roadmap. Also the app will determine by voice users, which are not included in the contact data, but there is in the application database voice recognition "Innovator".
 So here we have another innovative startup, which in its functionality is contained completely new possibilities for both new users and for existing ones. Also this principle may be applicable for mobile and Internet communications. 
This idea is available for investing, and for its full redemption.
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