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16-03-2023, 07:58



 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 

 A completely new kind of information services that can be applicable both in personal use and corporate. The author's idea is moderation platform "Innovator", has great investment prospects and high growth promotion, below will be the users and readers to evaluate and make an appropriate decision.
 So, a stimulator of professional and personal realization "Innovator" is , in essence, a mobile application that helps in the form of virtual stimulation, with elements of augmented reality, any user to achieve its goal by its original functionality. The original functionality of the stimulator is that the user, after a simple registration enters the target he wants to achieve. The purpose can be any of a thematic nature, any direction and form. Once the user has set a virtual goal in the application, the functionality begins to form in your user's opinion about what he can achieve results. The formation of opinion will emerge with the various types and kinds of information that will provide the application to the user in certain periods and in certain places. The information will contain a variety of stimulating texts theme, links, photos and videos. Geolocation, which will be tied to the movements of its user, to notify him about the nearest places where there are examples of successful implementation of the planned objectives. Augmented reality, using the gadgets with the appropriate specifications will be able to project future realized goal in real life.
  And now on the examples will show how this will work:
  1). The user wanted to build his house. The application needs to write this goal. Further, the functionality begins to search for projects of houses and offer them to its user, look for places where the user wants to build your house, and using augmented reality to project it on real terrain. To stimulate the user in finding financial resources for the implementation of this project through business ideas or simple examples of how people have taken the responsibility and set appropriate goals, succeed and realise their ambitions;
  2). The user wanted to increase the corporate ladder. With this purpose in the application and marking the place of work and position, the functionality begins to advise steps that can help the user to achieve the realization of their professional plans, namely, to improve their skills through further study, providing examples from the life of famous people, how they achieved certain results, etc.
 And the more the user will put more specific questions and objectives, the more specific will be tips and suggestions from the stimulator professional and personal realization. It is important to be providing the incentive information to the user, as it should not prevent to live and work. Here the author proposes to use the functionality of the application technology of artificial intelligence, which will determine the proper timing of the filing of the corresponding information. Geolocation will clearly understand about the movements of its user and to notify him the next room, where already implemented a project or idea which has set itself the user.
  That is, the task of the stimulator would be to help users realize their goals and ideas through constant reminders and virtual support in the form of comprehensive thematic relevant information.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.


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