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20-06-2016, 14:00

From the document management headache even doctors

The average American doctor spends approximately 16.6% of the time on the workflow that is not associated with the patients. But during this time, the doctor could take dozens of patients.
As it turned out, the more working time the doctors spend on bureaucracy, the more unhappy they become and the more regret that I chose at the time medicine.
These are just some of the results of a national survey conducted by the physicians Steffi Woolhandler and David Himmelstein of the city University of new York and the Harvard medical school.
Results published in the International Journal of Health Services.
Paperwork — outsource

Suppose it would be if the circulation has taken on a certain unit, say, a hospital or clinic. The doctors freed time they would have spent for the benefit of patients and the profession as a whole.
In addition, would have increased the level of happiness of physicians, which, again, would be in favor of the medical profession: happy doctor who sincerely believes in his cause, can work wonders.
If we are talking about a small clinic, and even on private practice, the doctor would be better suited to outsourcing — lawyers, economists, accountants, etc. With all the attendant advantages.
In General, the provision of legal and accounting services on a contractual basis is quite common all over the world. To file tax returns, to record media or to establish a company is simpler with the assistance of professionals. They are a separate division of the register, as the link http://www.urisconsult.spb.ru/services/registration/registracziya-obosoblennyix-podrazdelenij/, and the company reorganizing, if need be.

The results of the study

Woolhandler and Himmelstein analyzed confidential data 4720 physicians who practice at least 20 hours per week.
It turned out that one doctor in an average of 8.7 hours per week spent on paperwork, and it does not include completing patient records, communication with other doctors or ordering laboratory tests. But definitely we are talking about accounts, obtaining approvals for insurance, accounting and contracts.
The more time doctors spend on paperwork, the lower their level of happiness: very satisfied, which on average carried out for papers from 16,1% of the time, to very dissatisfied 20.6% of time on paperwork.
Doctors are literally drowning in documents, noted Woolhandler. "Our study almost certainly underestimated the real paper burden on doctors. The larger the clinic, the more it appears the bureaucracy.
Most pore over contracts and insurance psychiatrists (20.3 per cent), followed by internists (17.3 percent), and least of all pediatricians (14.1 percent), and they are more than all the other doctors satisfied with their jobs.
Something that medicine is becoming a business, on the one hand is good, but doctors spend more time with paperwork, not patients, commented, Himelstein. — Need non-profit national insurance system, which will allow physicians to focus on patients, not finances.

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