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28-01-2016, 16:08
Mitsubishi proposes to establish aerial repeaters from sea water

The construction of aerials is costly, cumbersome and extended process in time. Heavy iron farm are installed on the Foundation — all this requires extensive training and is not justified as a temporary solution. To escape from the process of construction of the antennas, in the company Mitsubishi Electric has proposed and tested in practice a very interesting method. As a transceiving antenna were used for the column of sea water. Salt water is a conductor for current. That, and the sea water around Japan rife.

Radio and TV can be deployed on the basis of the aerials of jets of seawater (Mitsubishi )
Mitsubishi developed the design of the repeater with the flow in the water jet of a high frequency signal. Also has a channel for receiving the signal from the water column. The development was named "Aerial Sea". Nozzle which discharges the pump is isolated, and a high-frequency current does not exceed the limits of the complex with the transmitter. Such a complex can be towed by boat to a specified point and deploy in minutes. For the system needs only seawater.
The overall scheme design and demonstration facility (Mitsubishi)
Mitsubishi proposed system has been tested as a relay terrestrial TV. In practice it was found that the efficiency of the antenna from the sea water is 70 %. About 30 % of power is lost due to the worst water conductivity, when compared with the conduction current in the metal. To compensate for the loss accounted for by increasing the transmitter power. However, it is acceptable losses when you consider that the antenna in its traditional form is no longer needed.
The company believes that this direction will be a good business. The only limitation will be that the technology is not suitable for high-frequency signal. Cellular and Wi-Fi pass. However, the length of the involved radio waves is determined by the configuration of the nozzle of the water pump. Perhaps the company will be able to think of something appropriate to relay high-frequency signal.

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28-01-2016, 14:02

Japan to build world's largest floating farm with solar panels

In Japan by 2018, will create a floating station for the extraction of solar energy. After the Fukushima accident the Japanese are looking to replace nuclear energy, and the scarcity of land forces to place the station on the water. This "farm" with solar panels will provide 5,000 homes.

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28-01-2016, 13:59

In the US, will revive the iconic "time machine"
DeLorean Motor Company will resume production of cars from the movie "Back to the future.
Company DeLorean Motor Company will again begin to produce the car DMC-12 that appeared in the movies "Back to the future", reports Click2Houston.
For a start it is planned to assemble 300 cars with improved "stuffing" and the price is not more than 100 thousand dollars.
Be DMC-12 will be at the DeLorean plant in Texas.
It is worth noting that the resumption of production was made possible thanks to the new law, recently approved by the U.S. government.
It allows small companies to produce a limited batch of cars that do not meet applicable safety requirements that apply to the

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28-01-2016, 09:56

At the site Kickstarter project appeared Air Bonsai offering bonsai trees flying.
Due to this principle, magnetic levitation plants are able to hang in the air at a height of about two inches. "We will send you by mail the real plants, to have the ability to grow in the air," offer the Japanese developers. They note that the flying trees are no different from the usual and also require care.
The cost of a set of Air Bonsai is 200 – $ 230. The project has overcome the necessary financial threshold to 80 thousand dollars, which indicates considerable interest.

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10-12-2015, 18:41

События. Париж. ИТ. Soon in Paris will be a modern high-tech hub. On the former rail yard, which in 2012 listed historic buildings are already being built to be "the world's largest startup incubator"
Read more: http://igate.com.ua/lenta/12655-v-parizhe-otkroyut-samyj-bolshoj-v-mire-inkubator-startapov

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