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6-06-2022, 11:20

Currently, fortunately, a very small percentage of births ends in a stillborn baby. Nevertheless, even such a small amount is unacceptable in the era of scientific advances! Scientists from the University of Queensland (Australia) have developed an application whose goal is to avoid stillbirth. But how can an application do this?
The mobile application counts the tremors of the child and reports this to the expectant mother. Scientists say that often the only warning signal that the fetus has stopped developing is its movement. But determining changes “by eye” is very difficult. The application should notify future parents of any changes in the motor activity of the child, and timely access to a doctor can prevent the tragedy of sinking fetus. In fact, the developed application is an additional control tool. My Baby's Movements (MBM) has been tested in Brisbane hospitals. The study involved more than 300,000 pregnant women.
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23-12-2021, 06:58

Samsung has patented a smartphone case with human ears. The purpose of such an invention is not yet known, reports the portal LetsGoDigital.
The text attached to the patent does not disclose the details of the invention. However, judging by its general shape and the hole in each ear, it will evenly distribute the sound from the stereo speakers of the smartphone. The advantage of this accessory is that it allows you to widely distribute sound. The case looks like a gamepad. In addition, such ears are convenient to hold when watching a horizontal video. Perhaps the cover is intended for children.
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17-12-2021, 12:39

This is an osmosis based electricity production technology.
Scientists from the USA and Australia managed to create a durable membrane with which it is possible to produce electrical energy from sea water.
The idea is not new, but it was possible to develop its practical implementation only now, reports the BBC Science Focus Magazine.
We are talking about technology for the production of electricity based on osmosis - the process of one-sided diffusion of solvent molecules through a membrane with limited permeability. Molecules tend toward a higher concentration of solute and allow energy to be obtained in several ways.
"One way is to get energy from the pressure that water creates on the membrane. The second way is to get current from movement through the membrane of ions. This method is well suited for places where sea water meets the river," said scientists at the University of Michigan.
Until now, scientists have not been able to create a membrane that would not lose its properties with prolonged immersion in sea water. Now that the developers have launched special aramid nanofibres, everything worked out. "We have created a flexible and durable material of a new generation, which does not lose its unique properties even after several hundred hours in sea water," the authors of the project note.
Photo: pixabay.com
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27-10-2021, 13:34

The company plans to begin construction of a new generation city in the near future and the city of Shanghai in China was chosen as the territory for construction, Planet-today reports.
Vehicle-Road-City Integrated Smart City is the full name of this project, which will be of great value and practical value. Among ordinary people, he is already known as the "smart city." The Chinese startup Human Horizons wants to start developing and producing unmanned vehicles and designing high-tech roads.
Fifth generation networks will be a way to transfer data and access communication. It is also planned to create a special technology that allows communication with various representatives of the infrastructure.
The implementation of cloud computing and the processing of large amounts of data are expected. Three drones will operate on the territory of the “smart city” to effectively collect information.
A special technology based on the 5G system will control the proper functioning of infrastructure facilities. Autonomous movement will also be under control. According to unofficial data, the HiPhi 1 crossover can be used on the territory of the new building.
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9-01-2020, 07:50
The Japanese have created a special vest that can measure the heart rate of dogs
January 8, 2020, 17:40
• Zinchenko Pavel
Dog owners often feel a special emotional connection with their furry friends, but the new vest offers the owners an accurate understanding of what their pet is thinking. CNET reports that the Japanese company Langualess has created an Inupathy clip that measures the dog’s heart rate. It was demonstrated this week at the CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with a launch in the United States scheduled for late this year.
The vest analyzes the heart rate and predicts the emotional state of the animal, displaying it in color on the vest. The data was obtained thanks to tests on real dogs - animals were given a treat and measured heart rate. The vest transfers data to an application that allows owners to track their dog’s emotional state over time. If the vest shows blue light, the animal is relaxed. Red light shows excitement.
A study conducted last year showed that people can “read” the dog’s emotions, but the ability to recognize them is acquired with age and experience. Researchers invited 89 adult participants and 77 children to participate in the experiment. They were given photographs of dogs, chimpanzees and people, and asked to evaluate how the characters in the pictures show happiness, sadness, anger or fear. The experiment showed that older people were better able to recognize dog emotions.

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