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    Recently, a lot has been written and said about the development of artificial intelligence. Many large corporations have begun to develop this topic in their production and research areas. The “Innovator” platform and the author of this idea are the first in the world to present the creation of a social network of artificial intelligence. This future global social network will make it easier to use this kind of social communication, which will be described below.
    In our understanding, artificial intelligence should replace a number of functions that we usually do ourselves, the task of which will be to recreate reasonable reasoning and actions aimed at achieving an expected or new result. That is, it will be an everyday virtual assistant who will always be there. The social network of artificial intelligence “Innovator” will have similar functions, only adapted to social network communication.
    So, the functionality of the social network of artificial intelligence will require the simplest registration from its future user – either a photo, or a social account number, or a personal mobile phone number, or the account of any registration of another social network. Further calculation of all necessary data will be performed by the very functionality of this startup. The user will only observe all these processes and approve them, so the system will ask the user about each new action. For example, someone asks a user as a friend. Today, social networks simply give out this kind of information to their users without checks and consent. In the version of the social network of artificial intelligence, information of this kind will be initially verified. That is, the request that the user will already see will be verified and real. Also, artificial intelligence will initially analyze the received request for compatibility of interests with its user. Requests that have not passed the appropriate analysis will be placed in the basket, which can always be viewed by the user, just for the sake of interest. And all public processes that took place in the registered user of this social network will be the subject of its analysis. For example, the user has some photos from some night club or art gallery. The network will always tell you in advance about new events that will take place in these establishments. The professional occupation of the user will also be in the network analysis, which will accordingly be reflected in the work of the social artificial intelligence with its user. Tasks that the user will set both in print and voice will be performed only through dialogue with virtual artificial social intelligence. For example, the user sets the task of finding a partner to go to the cinema or disco. The system offers a number of options that were initially analyzed. Also in the dialogue mode, the user and the artificial intelligence network accept the final version of such a choice. Well, there is much else that will be included in the functionality of this startup.
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