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 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 

 The mobile app is the primary governing body of all the innovative touch of Cutlery. The app can be used both in the home and commercial purposes at the organization of the workflow in the restaurants, canteens and cafes.
 First and foremost, the app is designed for use in the home. The information that will be displayed on the touch screens of Cutlery, will be strictly individual for each registered user. Touch Cutlery serving as a remote device to Your gadget for example smart watches. Touch sensor Cutlery let me know about the quantity of food, its quality and caloric content. A mobile application evaluates the submitted data, processes it and gives its recommendations. The mobile app can be used with medical purposes, when the doctor clearly controls the entire diet of his patient.
 For commercial purposes it will be very interesting this technology is applicable in monitoring the food intake of customers by the staff for the restaurant and public spaces. The staff is clearly aware of the presence of food in the bowls of the client, that would be the time to remove the dirty dishes from their clients is a very effective commercial advertising, which is centrally will be broadcast on screens touch Cutlery appropriate institutions, will be accurate, subject to the availability of the entire set of touch of Cutlery, as they are for remote control of administration of institutions, etc.
 Today, as part of the mobile application Cutlery, presents only the touch plate, the touch a touch a spoon and fork. Soon here will be added the number of devices the table-touch and table-smart type.
 The app will have free registration. Table touch devices, of course, have their price. 
 Considers the investment component or full redemption of the author's ideas.
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27-01-2023, 17:09


 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.

 In the continuation of the presentation of his ideas, touch series Cutlery "Innovator" platform "Innovator", after moderation, puts on investment show another innovative project - touch club "Innovator".
 With reference to the work of the mobile application Cutlery "Innovator" touch the circle "Innovator" also performs a number of functions along with other touch Cutlery this series. Given that in the Cup, mainly use for hot liquids ( tea, coffee.. ), a touch panel located on the handle of the Cup, which is a broader framework that allows you to conveniently view information and use the same touch screen. Sensors that are placed in the circle immediately deduce the temperature of the liquid in a circle on the touch panel. Can also define the main structure, for example the capacity of caffeine and sugar. You can view information ( calls, SMS, news ) with Your gadget is by interfacing with the touch mug. A heating element which is disposed in the hollow bottom of the touch circles, maintains a constant, preset temperature. As an additional feature, as well maybe in the bottom of the mug and placed a cooling element to expedite a cooling process hot liquids. Of course, monitoring it all are produced with gadget using a mobile application Cutlery. Charging this device is made using a new wireless charging technology. 
 The author of this idea and the platform "Innovator" invite developers of smart devices to implement the technology for touch mugs, which will keep the liquid inside in case of rollover.
 Considers the investment component or full redemption of the author's ideas.
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25-01-2023, 05:11


 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 At the end of the presentation of the touch series Cutlery "Innovator", will be shown the full set of all possible Cutlery, which will be monitored using the mobile app "Innovator". 
 Today will be presented to the next Cutlery in this series - touch spoon and touch the spoon "Innovator".
 For Your first submission, to be clear, touch the spoon and fork will have a small touchscreen on the plane of its connecting strap with edalam and derjala - is their basic elements. This plane can fit really small and oblong screen which will show and reproduce the desired information, which is transmitted with a paired gadget with them. The user will be able without interrupting their interactive actions even while eating, namely, conduct the correspondence, make telephone and video conversations from your paired gadget, browse news, etc. Will be able to install a bit large screens that will be shown to potential investors and buyers of this idea that will allow a more comfortable use these table devices. Charging is performed using a new wireless charging technology. Gadgets, with a special original program will be able to analyze all the food that goes with them in their mouth the user, and signal the caloric content and suitability. 
 Special care will be quite simple and not labor-intensive. Socket built-in screen, then the spoon and fork can be as standard in stainless metal and with the use of precious metals. This technology is not applicable for teaspoons, as the high temperatures of hot beverages ( tea, coffee ) can negatively displayed on the touchscreen messes touch devices. 
 This author's idea is open to investment cooperation or full of redemption.
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23-01-2023, 18:19


 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 

 In our age of mobile devices and capabilities no longer something to be surprised with this innovative direction. Platform "Innovator" comes to represent the author's project touch cutlery "Innovator". Will be the first to touch dining plate.
 As already mentioned, that new and innovative devices and objects of our everyday life we are no longer surprised. But, of course, the development of these areas has not yet all passed. Innovative dining room touch plate is protected against mechanical damage cutlery, the surface of which the base is the most common touch screen, a variety of shapes and sizes. Itself the plate, strangely enough, has direct access to the Wi-Fi direct pairing with a mobile app touch cutlery "Innovator". That is, the management of interactive processes that occur in Your plate, directly controlled by Your gadget. From the outside it looks quite unusual, but the user is able to tear yourself away from your virtual world even while eating. For convenience, the touch pad, which are embedded in the plate, can be positioned on the bottom of the bowl is for small dishes, or on their walls for a deep dish. Charging this dish will be made with the help of an innovative method of wireless charging in a time when utensils are not used. Care for this cookware is different from regular Cutlery, but not difficult.
 A more simple approach to this issue may be applicable in a transparent plastic overlays on Your gadgets that will be temporarily attached to the base, we offer tableware. But it is more of a Hiking option.
 Now, we have an entirely new and original kind of mobile devices, which in some cases, for very busy people, will be indispensable! 
 Considers the investment component or full redemption of the author's ideas.
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17-01-2023, 06:10


  Personal non-material and proprietary rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.

  A fairly clear and easy-to-use innovative author's idea of the mobile application "ActivePhoto", which will consist in using existing photos in gadgets of its users. Below, in a rather brief description, it will be possible to understand all the functionality of the presented start-up and take part in its investment or full redemption, as according to experts of the platform "Innovator", this mobile application has quite stable growth prospects.
 The main goal of this mobile application will be to maximize the attention of all friends and acquaintances of the user to the photos, videos and previously selected ones. That is, the user wanted that on some of his photos, which are exhibited in social networks or messengers, there was special attention. He notes these photos and video materials and applies the functionality of the innovative mobile application "Active Photo" to them. Your photos and video materials can be noted both on their pages in social networks, and in the most personal photo gallery. The functionality of the application, when selected photos and videos, can make several actions to select your user:
  1. Scroll the selected photo around its axis.
  2. Change its color palette.
  3. Make a visual vibration of this image.
  4. Accompany its display with sound or vibro signals.
  5. Apply, to draw attention to the corresponding image, smiles and GIF.
 If to tell more simply, some selected images of users who have received public access to their viewing on social networks and messengers will be active with the help of the above actions to maximize their attention on the part of friends, acquaintances and outsiders in the process of communication and use in Social networks and messengers. And third-party users, when they see such activity of some images, will understand that this user virtually asks them to pay special attention to this or that photograph or video, as there is something special or unique in it.
 To get started, already in the standard action of any user, this mobile application needs to be installed on your gadget. When installing the application, the functionality will ask for access to the photo gallery of its new user. Then the user just notes the images and waits for an increase in attention to the selected photos and video materials in the form of likes or corresponding comment.
 We have a completely new and innovative mobile product that can be used in any available mobile device and apply without restriction in any country. That is, this startup has prospects for global growth.!
  This idea is open for both investment and full redemption.
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