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31-07-2022, 03:52

INnovator -  It is an innovative network of investment and ideas ,this network offers its users services to solve business intelligence tasks, implementation of social projects crowdfunding technology using.

Created INnovator project involves an already operating an innovative network of investment and ideas, which aims to have reunited on this site "thinking people" to make them, so-called, an innovative collection point, where it is possible not only to publish their ideas and get financial start to their implementation, but also to sell them, exchange, respectively, upload photos and videos to correspond and display ads that will work around the world.

That is, an innovative network of investment and ideas INnovator aims to implement and connect to their platform crowdfunding principles, investment and social intercourse. This network of "thinking people" who spend their time to develop their own ego, the development of personal space, without exaggeration, add, peace development and preservation of it!

The main task of the Innovator is – fast  and effective implementation of Projects summary or sell users on our platform. our company is ready to provide services for placing on the Project and various foreign platforms (Indiegogo, GoFundMe, etc.) To achieve these objectives, as well as assistance in the preparation and conduct of the campaign on foreign Kraudfandingovoy platforms, namely:

-preparing pages with the project description, annotation, positioning of the project, -design registration page of the project;

-shooting photographs, video presentations of the project survey;

Project promotion of social networks, including content creation and attraction of users;

creating updates on the project and preparing letters for mailing to subscribers of communication with the media and opinion leaders, placing PR materials on thematic resources.

This network has no age restrictions, and is directed towards all social strata. In turn, attracting capital, or even a large capital for realization of possibilities and ideas.

And the most important and ambitious idea of  INnovator is what would become the center of all the previously stated information, working from all over the world!

We are waiting for you!

We  are  waiting to your ideas!

We are waiting to your success!

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