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14-09-2016, 21:53

The Berlin Central station, took place the presentation of the latest line of high-speed trains - ice 4. The first passengers of the station and everyone could see the new train from the inside, reports IRJ.
New trains will start to work in Germany in December 2017. Now trains pass the test. Two part ice 4 will be tested on the route Hamburg-Hannover-Nuremberg-Munich.
Length six-carriage train is equal to 346 meters. The total capacity of the composition - 830 passengers, including 625 in the second class, and 205 in first class. The modular design of the ice 4 allows you to change the capacity of the train, adding or uncoupled the cars. The number of cars can vary from 5 to 12.
See also China put into operation the most modern 200-metre high-speed train (photo)
Lightweight railcar truck was developed by company Bombardier. Dvenadtsatistrunnye ice 4 weighs 740 tons, 120 tons easier than on the ice 1. The new train can carry 87 passengers more than ice 1. Also ice 4 consumes 22% less than the streamlined trains of the first generation.
Train ice 4 is equipped with an information system for passengers, real-time, improved air conditioning, which can work when the outside temperature up to 45 degrees. Also has a compartment for passengers with children, space for eight bikes and four wheelchairs. The train has two on-Board lift to facilitate the landing of passengers in wheelchairs. The lighting system ICE4 automatically adjusts the backlight depending on the time of day.
Recall that the German Railways in may 2011 he signed with Siemens framework contract for the purchase of 130 (85 desativado and 45 semiwagons), capable of speeds up to 300 km/h. the Total contract value, including options, equal to 5 billion euros.
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11-09-2016, 20:42
Clip dedicated to the memory of Paul Walker.
Dedicated to the memory of the deceased actor Paul Walker video for the song "See You Again" by rapper UYS Khalifa became the second ever video with more than two billion views on YouTube, reports Entertainment Weekly.
The song was recorded with the participation of the singer Charlie Puta. The video was posted online in spring 2015 to the premiere of the film "furious 7", which was the last role of Walker. Also the clip includes footage from previous films in the series with the participation of the deceased artist.
The most popular YouTube video
For today the absolute champion YouTube remains the video "GANGNAM STYLE" Korean singer PSY, which attracted nearly 2.7 billion views.

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11-09-2016, 20:37
The list includes 21 design from around the world.
British newspaper the Telegraph ranked the most impressive bridges in the world, which has 21 design. The leader of the list was Severskii bridge (UK), which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary.
The Kiev metro station was in the list of beautiful
8 September 2016, 14:18
In second place was the Humber bridge (UK) which was opened in 1981 and remains the longest suspension bridge in the world. Closed the three of leaders of the Danyang-Kunshan viaduct (China).
They are followed by a suspension bridge is the Akashi Kaikyo (Japan), the world's highest transport bridge – Millau viaduct (France), the smallest in the world operating drawbridge Somerset (Bermuda).
And Swinford bridge (UK), a suspension bridge "Golden gate" (USA), bridge Eshima Ohashi (Japan) and the Bridge over Sibha (China).
In the gallery Корреспондент.net presents the top 10 most beautiful bridges in reputable publications.
Earlier it was reported that the publication by The Business Insider showed the most beautiful bridges in the world.

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11-09-2016, 20:32
On a new post eks-the head of the PA promises that the volume of foreign capital will increase GDP by 6.5-9% per year.
In 2017, the national investment Council, headed by former head of AP Boris Lozhkin plans to raise $3-5 billion in investments.
"A significant amount of foreign capital will create the necessary multi-year increase in GDP of 6.5-9% per year. But there is a problem. Ukraine is currently not able to offer ready investment projects that could be invested, for example, $5-10 billion," - said the head of Nativestart Boris Lozhkin on his page in Facebook.
Lozhkin also gave an example of "some North African countries, where there is a practice of signing direct contracts between the government and large investors.
Gone or gone? Why Lozhkin left AP
Sujetos or left? Why Lozhkin left AP
29 August 2016, 20:22
"They are at the level of Prime Minister or President - with a particular investor and a particular project. In fact, so the government signs a legal guarantee for this investment in the country. This individual approach of the state to investors in Ukraine could seriously change their attitude towards our country", - said Lozhkyn. 
As you know, President Poroshenko on 29 August announced the resignation of Borys Lozhkin as head of the AP and the appointment in his place of Igor Rainin.
Lozhkin noted that the new position of Secretary of the National investment Council - hopes to succeed. According to him, already have the prior consent of American billionaire George Soros to participate in the work of the investment Council.

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11-09-2016, 12:10

To get rid of officials and deputies in Iceland offers the Pirate party.
On 29 October in Iceland will hold parliamentary elections. To claim a victory, created four years ago, the Pirate party.
Like all the other pirates of the Icelandic stand for the full freedom and openness. The main part of the political program with which the Pirate party goes for elections, changing the Constitution to impose its norms of direct democracy in making almost any decisions at the national level. That is, the majority of officials will be dismissed, and resolve all issues in Iceland will be directly its citizens in referendums of various levels. Those who care about the country, would receive "unlimited rights" (an expression Jonsdottir) in its management. The vote is likely on a particular issue will occur in the Internet. Using a special app citizens can even propose bills. Those of them that gather enough support in the society, will be submitted to a vote.
In addition, their program includes full freedom of speech and the right to unrestricted dissemination of information, the abolition of copyright on the Internet, decriminalization of drugs, and increasing taxes on a small circle of extremely wealthy citizens, controlling fishing and the banking sector – local "oligarchic" sector of the economy. Fishing is generally going to give control of the entire population, because this area is considered to be in Iceland, a national treasure – not only economic but also sociocultural.
Well, of course the pirates are going to open the country's budget and not in a hurry to join the EU.
While the Pirate party takes first place in local polls, ahead of coming second, the conservatives four percent. And if everything goes as they want, we will see the country run without officials and members will surely want to learn from this experience.
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