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17-09-2016, 09:44

Last quarter, the enterprise software Oracle once again showed strong growth of its business in the field of cloud services, but reduced demand for traditional company has limited the rise in sales overall, reports The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).
In an effort to catch up with Amazon and Microsoft over the market for cloud services, Oracle is quickly developing this area, especially the so-called SAAS - and PaaS-services (software as a service, platform as a service).
For the fiscal quarter expired August 31, 2016, total revenue from Oracle cloud services has increased by 59% yoy and reached 969 million dollars and in constant currency the increase amounted to 61%.
However, larger and more profitable business Oracle for the sale of traditional software is reduced. Last finkvartal implementation of new software licenses fell 11%, to 1.03 billion. As a result, total revenue grew by only 2% and amounted to $ 8.6 billion, down from analysts ' forecasts.
In addition, Oracle reported net income of 1.83 billion dollars, or 43 cents per share vs 1.75 billion, or 40 cents a year earlier. Adjusted profit does not take into account certain items of expenditure, was equal to 55 cents per share, while experts surveyed by Thomson Reuters had expected a result at 58 cents a share.
The stock market reacted to the disappointing financial result decrease in quotations of the Oracle: according to The Financial Times, the company's shares fell by almost 3%. The publication also said that in the current quarter, Oracle expects adjusted earnings in the range of 58-60 cents per share, while the consensus forecast of wall street provides increased to 65 cents.
Over the last nine quarters adjusted earnings Oracle already three times worse than analysts, said in an interview with the WSJ, the expert of investment group Stifel Nicolaus brad Ribak (Brad Reback).
Meanwhile, at a press conference after the announcement of the quarterly results and Safra Katz (Safra Catz), which is one of the two General Directors of Oracle, reported on the progress of processing the transaction by the absorption of competing companies NetSuite. About the purchase in the amount of 9.3 billion was announced in July. It is expected to help Oracle attract a greater number of smaller corporate clients.
According to Safra Katz, the transaction was approved already all antitrust authorities than US regulators. On his decision they will have to declare until the end of September.
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16-09-2016, 23:17

The state enterprise "Administration of sea ports of Ukraine" and company "Metalsukraine Corp Ltd signed a Memorandum of intent to implement the investment project. The project will be the reconstruction of the berth № 7 at Odessa sea port and the water approaches and also construction in the rear of the berth complex for transshipment of grain cargoes, the press service of the ASD.
According to the report, the project envisaged development Plan of the Odessa sea port. The capacity of silo Park will be about 100 thousand tons, productivity of grain terminal for the loading of the vessel will amount to 1 thousand tons per hour, and the capacity of the terminal on processing of grain will amount to 4 million t in a year with prospect of increase up to 6 million
"Our company cooperated for many years with the port of Odessa as a reliable partner on whom you can rely on. That's why we decided to expand our presence in the port and are ready for gradual development. Together with the construction of the terminal, the port will receive additional traffic, and as a result, revenues from port fees. It is 100% win-win situation", — said the head of the company-investor Nicholas Bondaruk.
The volume of private investment in the project and the state in the reconstruction of the pier is 2 billion UAH.
It is noted that the result of the project will create 150 jobs.
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14-09-2016, 21:53

The Berlin Central station, took place the presentation of the latest line of high-speed trains - ice 4. The first passengers of the station and everyone could see the new train from the inside, reports IRJ.
New trains will start to work in Germany in December 2017. Now trains pass the test. Two part ice 4 will be tested on the route Hamburg-Hannover-Nuremberg-Munich.
Length six-carriage train is equal to 346 meters. The total capacity of the composition - 830 passengers, including 625 in the second class, and 205 in first class. The modular design of the ice 4 allows you to change the capacity of the train, adding or uncoupled the cars. The number of cars can vary from 5 to 12.
See also China put into operation the most modern 200-metre high-speed train (photo)
Lightweight railcar truck was developed by company Bombardier. Dvenadtsatistrunnye ice 4 weighs 740 tons, 120 tons easier than on the ice 1. The new train can carry 87 passengers more than ice 1. Also ice 4 consumes 22% less than the streamlined trains of the first generation.
Train ice 4 is equipped with an information system for passengers, real-time, improved air conditioning, which can work when the outside temperature up to 45 degrees. Also has a compartment for passengers with children, space for eight bikes and four wheelchairs. The train has two on-Board lift to facilitate the landing of passengers in wheelchairs. The lighting system ICE4 automatically adjusts the backlight depending on the time of day.
Recall that the German Railways in may 2011 he signed with Siemens framework contract for the purchase of 130 (85 desativado and 45 semiwagons), capable of speeds up to 300 km/h. the Total contract value, including options, equal to 5 billion euros.
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11-09-2016, 20:42
Clip dedicated to the memory of Paul Walker.
Dedicated to the memory of the deceased actor Paul Walker video for the song "See You Again" by rapper UYS Khalifa became the second ever video with more than two billion views on YouTube, reports Entertainment Weekly.
The song was recorded with the participation of the singer Charlie Puta. The video was posted online in spring 2015 to the premiere of the film "furious 7", which was the last role of Walker. Also the clip includes footage from previous films in the series with the participation of the deceased artist.
The most popular YouTube video
For today the absolute champion YouTube remains the video "GANGNAM STYLE" Korean singer PSY, which attracted nearly 2.7 billion views.

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11-09-2016, 20:37
The list includes 21 design from around the world.
British newspaper the Telegraph ranked the most impressive bridges in the world, which has 21 design. The leader of the list was Severskii bridge (UK), which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary.
The Kiev metro station was in the list of beautiful
8 September 2016, 14:18
In second place was the Humber bridge (UK) which was opened in 1981 and remains the longest suspension bridge in the world. Closed the three of leaders of the Danyang-Kunshan viaduct (China).
They are followed by a suspension bridge is the Akashi Kaikyo (Japan), the world's highest transport bridge – Millau viaduct (France), the smallest in the world operating drawbridge Somerset (Bermuda).
And Swinford bridge (UK), a suspension bridge "Golden gate" (USA), bridge Eshima Ohashi (Japan) and the Bridge over Sibha (China).
In the gallery Корреспондент.net presents the top 10 most beautiful bridges in reputable publications.
Earlier it was reported that the publication by The Business Insider showed the most beautiful bridges in the world.

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