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11-09-2016, 12:10

To get rid of officials and deputies in Iceland offers the Pirate party.
On 29 October in Iceland will hold parliamentary elections. To claim a victory, created four years ago, the Pirate party.
Like all the other pirates of the Icelandic stand for the full freedom and openness. The main part of the political program with which the Pirate party goes for elections, changing the Constitution to impose its norms of direct democracy in making almost any decisions at the national level. That is, the majority of officials will be dismissed, and resolve all issues in Iceland will be directly its citizens in referendums of various levels. Those who care about the country, would receive "unlimited rights" (an expression Jonsdottir) in its management. The vote is likely on a particular issue will occur in the Internet. Using a special app citizens can even propose bills. Those of them that gather enough support in the society, will be submitted to a vote.
In addition, their program includes full freedom of speech and the right to unrestricted dissemination of information, the abolition of copyright on the Internet, decriminalization of drugs, and increasing taxes on a small circle of extremely wealthy citizens, controlling fishing and the banking sector – local "oligarchic" sector of the economy. Fishing is generally going to give control of the entire population, because this area is considered to be in Iceland, a national treasure – not only economic but also sociocultural.
Well, of course the pirates are going to open the country's budget and not in a hurry to join the EU.
While the Pirate party takes first place in local polls, ahead of coming second, the conservatives four percent. And if everything goes as they want, we will see the country run without officials and members will surely want to learn from this experience.
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7-09-2016, 22:19
For the presentation of new products Apple Corporation introduced the second generation of smart hours Apple Watch 2. It is reported by the correspondent.<url>.
The gadget has got a fully waterproof case to a depth of 50 meters. To do this, engineers had to rework the microphone hours which "pushes" the water. In addition, the accessory was equipped with a new dual-core S2 processor and graphics chip, and two times more vivid display and built-in GPS module.
The design and dimensions of the hours have not changed significantly, but except for the case of aluminum and steel, users can watch in a ceramic case. In addition, Apple introduced a few new straps, including in partnership with Hermes. Joggers will be available a special version of the Apple Watch 2 from Nike.
The company also released a new version of the operating system, watch OS, which allows you to enter handwritten text, play sports with your family and start the clock many popular applications, including Pokemon GO.
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7-09-2016, 22:13
At today's press event in San Francisco Apple has officially introduced the next generation of smartphones iPhone. The smartphone called the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has received increased water resistance, while the current generation has a very light protection from water. Interestingly, the first official confirmation of the models came from an official Apple account on Twitter, although the tweets were quickly removed. Twitter has already confirmed the protection from water, a new camera, stereo speakers and a larger stand-alone work.
New iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will become available for pre-order today. Sales in the first-wave countries scheduled for September 16.
Recall, the iPhone 7 was the tenth generation of Apple's smartphone. According to rumors, it was expected that the main change in the design of the new iPhone will be the remote headphone Jack, and the big redesign is postponed for 2017, when Apple will be celebrating 10 years since the release of the first iPhone. Smartphones was attributed to a smaller thickness, accelerated processors A10 Apple, at least 32 GB of internal memory instead of 16 GB, a more capacious battery, better protection from moisture, accelerated LTE and Wi-Fi. In the older model expected 3 GB of RAM and dual camera. Also the disappearance of the standard 3.5 mm headphone Jack in favor of Lightning universal.
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29-07-2016, 23:12

TOP 100 innovations for the first half of 2016: coffee printers, flying Board, obedient chairs, samoustranyaetsya bed, helpful robots and more.

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18-07-2016, 12:09

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