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19-02-2016, 16:53

Велосипед с функциями тренажора

New invent-o is the kind of bike and elliptical machine, which stimulates the lower part of the torso but at the same time vovlekayut to work the upper body, stimulating heart pumping a little bolie fast rate without damaging the joints, which can powless a home trinagar. You predostavlyaetsya three rezhyma for choice: cross - training on hilly terrain, racing or endurance mode.

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19-02-2016, 14:57

Kitchen of the future - unique to the invent-o razlozhennom which is in the form of increases in 2 times, it appears a work surface for slicing, a stove for cooking and washing. Also storeany computer will predostavit you information about the nutritional value of products, and you can also make recipes in electronic form.

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19-02-2016, 14:10

Портативный источник кислорода

The idea is that if a new invent-o ensure a person artificially created oxygen in regime emergency. The small gadget goes down easily in the palm of your hand and has a mouthpiece which is very easy to adjust the size of the GUP user

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15-02-2016, 18:44

Незаменимая ручка-переводчик

This unique device can serve addition to any type of pen or pencil. This means that by reading, you can make necessary notes, underline the words. The laser scanning on the paper immediately to receive the projection with a translation you have just underlined a new word.

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15-02-2016, 18:37

Спасительная вода

The idea is that would quickly and without much difficulty to help those who need to obtain clean water. The device is based on a simple printsepe that the water pressure around the tube will push through purifying layers, producing potable water with minimal effort. The user simply has to omit the tubular filter in the center of the cross with the floating ring and remove it when filled. The device perfectly fulfills its task by using a three-layer anti-bacterial filter of activated charcoal, attached to the tube.

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