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14-02-2016, 11:04

самый необычный и удобный дрон
The idea is that if the drone had an oval shape and had folding wings. Compact shape facilitates a drone carrier, and the flow increases the stability and reduces the consumption of energy. If you disable the drone folds into jajtsevidnuju form. In Nizhny drone parts is a 360 - degree panoramic camera 4K HD camera on a three axis gimbal suspension.

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13-02-2016, 15:36

Новый сельскохозяйственный транспорт
A new kind of agricultural transport will become a good assistant in the process of growing Awassa and harvesting. In each of the four wheels are installed the motors, they work by solnechnoy energy which is generated due to the ustonovleny nacrite solar battery. On this machino can carry 6 boxes. This wegtransport is easy prisposoblenie to work.

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13-02-2016, 15:18

Система кабинок для отдыха
The idea is that a unique system has been designed to rest on sweeet the air. The system consists of freely hanging booths with seats in the form of drops sitting where you can unwind and relax. The provisions of each cabin is adjustable in height, while the unique shape of the booths and provides a pleasant aesthetic look to any open space.

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13-02-2016, 15:09

The idea is that this scooter was razrabotana ensure a safe ride and comfortable transportation like the bus and the train. Scooter is a high-tech product
analogichnym transport sredstvami digital prepornography to inform its owner about the speed. Wide wheel scooters provide a good balance even for beginners, and led tail lights and front headlights high power make this vehicle wideman in the dark.

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13-02-2016, 14:49

Кресло на солнечных батареях
The idea is that the chair can be placed in the garden, square, and also it can be used to recharge the gadget. Even in rain you can hide in the chair where via USB you can connect your laptop and watch a movie. The chair is equipped with a 35 - watt solar panel which transmits the stored energy built-in battery.

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