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19-02-2016, 14:57

Kitchen of the future - unique to the invent-o razlozhennom which is in the form of increases in 2 times, it appears a work surface for slicing, a stove for cooking and washing. Also storeany computer will predostavit you information about the nutritional value of products, and you can also make recipes in electronic form.

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15-02-2016, 18:44

Незаменимая ручка-переводчик

This unique device can serve addition to any type of pen or pencil. This means that by reading, you can make necessary notes, underline the words. The laser scanning on the paper immediately to receive the projection with a translation you have just underlined a new word.

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14-02-2016, 11:17

The idea is that the camera could potentially successfully operate completely autonomously, using self-generated energy with light - otradnogo from the subject. Using photodiodes collecting and transforming adverse energy within a pixel of the captured image, the new camera itself provides power while removing material.

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14-02-2016, 11:04

самый необычный и удобный дрон
The idea is that if the drone had an oval shape and had folding wings. Compact shape facilitates a drone carrier, and the flow increases the stability and reduces the consumption of energy. If you disable the drone folds into jajtsevidnuju form. In Nizhny drone parts is a 360 - degree panoramic camera 4K HD camera on a three axis gimbal suspension.

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13-02-2016, 15:36

Новый сельскохозяйственный транспорт
A new kind of agricultural transport will become a good assistant in the process of growing Awassa and harvesting. In each of the four wheels are installed the motors, they work by solnechnoy energy which is generated due to the ustonovleny nacrite solar battery. On this machino can carry 6 boxes. This wegtransport is easy prisposoblenie to work.

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