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13-02-2016, 15:18

Система кабинок для отдыха
The idea is that a unique system has been designed to rest on sweeet the air. The system consists of freely hanging booths with seats in the form of drops sitting where you can unwind and relax. The provisions of each cabin is adjustable in height, while the unique shape of the booths and provides a pleasant aesthetic look to any open space.

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13-02-2016, 15:09

The idea is that this scooter was razrabotana ensure a safe ride and comfortable transportation like the bus and the train. Scooter is a high-tech product
analogichnym transport sredstvami digital prepornography to inform its owner about the speed. Wide wheel scooters provide a good balance even for beginners, and led tail lights and front headlights high power make this vehicle wideman in the dark.

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12-02-2016, 12:05

The idea is that 3 - D floors in Wesel the house was beautiful, strong and durable. In order to create such a coating, using the polymers based on polyurethane resins and epoxide. Included in the composition of such coating components have a high level of fire safety and are hypoallergenic.

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The idea is that home robot performed the duties of a nanny, a photographer and alarm. Such a universal robot suitable for anyone who wants to make moments memorable, the robot will take pictures instantly. Personal robot photographer will upload your photos to the network instantly.

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The idea is that would model some summer clothes, scare away mosquitoes. In the tissue contains the substance permethrin, a natural repellent, which is fatal to insects, but completely harmless to humans. Similar clothing is the best option for mosquito protection for children and Allergy sufferers, as it is completely odorless.

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