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The idea is that if a new heater was onvan at the cheapest candles. Energy from the combustion of candles agrivet a certain amount of terracotta. This nagavalanka clean and cheap. The heater includes a terracotta dome, lattice and the basis on which this grid is located. Between the grill and the dome includes a space that is heated and candles. That is the inner dome heats up to maximum temperature, the external dome is a heat exchanger. Typically, pomeshenie begins agravada. For heating, you will need five tea lights. Agrevation economical and functional.

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The idea is that under the back of the helmet was located sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers, in General, all we need swimmers in the first place. Programs can focus entirely on your breathing, streamlining and propulsion systems. After the start of the swimming session, the sensors start to record the parameters and the variations. All parameters are recorded only from the back and no extra. devices is not necessary.

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The idea is that the helmet would be warned of blind people about the impending danger using pressure points on the head. The helmet has six ultrasonic sensor modules, each of which constantly measures the space around them from a couple centimeters to several meters. When the sensors measure the obstacle, it transmits information throughout the system, and it will involve the mechanisms. The closer the obstacle, the stronger the helmet will push.

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The idea is that the bike included special paint and film, allowing use of solar energy and the recovery of kinetic energy as a secondary power source. But the coolest in this motorcycle is the General system of high-precision optic lenses and sensors which are connected with the helmet through a wireless network and allow right before your eyes see all the necessary data from the speed to the distance to the object.

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The idea is that would a modular system of movement, where each person has its own moving module resembles a box with Windows. In this case, the module is considered to be public transport like bus or train. Quite a man has the right to go alone or to expand the space and capacity with other blocks that can be append automatically. Each passenger of the vehicle chooses its route independently and without any limitations except for the presence of the road surface.

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