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Rickshaw is a lightweight three-wheeled vehicle which leads to the movement of the cyclist. The idea of the new rickshaw is to the driver's seat was located behind the passenger seat. In this case, the passengers have a better view for sightseeing. The wagon is equipped with a motor, battery and electric power steering. Started moving, the driver starts the electric motor to work

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The idea is that the unusual shape of the car using the extraordinary fuel in the form of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The car moves on four spherical wheels that are capable of cross to change direction, making the concept car perfect for Parking. A small amount of which is hydrogen fuel cells, gives more space for the cabin on a lightweight chassis, and also makes the profile location of the cabin below.

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The management system is carried out by a small tilt of the body to push off the ground completely unnecessary. On one charge Board able to drive about 19 km. top speed is 12 km/h. the Device has an led light for safe movement along the street in the dark.

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The idea is that the bulb looked nice and at the same time saving energy by absorbing the sun's rays. If it happens a interruption of electricity, the lamp will Shine at full led power, giving illumination during dark time of day. The lamp can be easily affixed to any surface.

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The idea is that would special capsules which built-in the shower, did the incoming water automatically and healing to the skin. Capsules balneoterapii : they are based on Morskoy salt, which has healing and very useful periodically for the skin. Capsules algotherapy: bubble algae and fresh Morskoy salad soderjit, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamins,holofil which is antesepticheskim and detoxicational agent. Capsules for children, the water will not only possess aromatic properties and color. All the capsules based on natural ingredients.

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