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6-02-2016, 20:08

The idea is that the robot is self-collected the balls after a game of Golf. The robot goes through the territory and collects the balls as soon as the machine fills the cavity, they are going back to the distributor and casts off all its load.From there, the balls go back to the players.

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6-02-2016, 19:58

автомобиль для людей с ограниченными возможностями

The idea of this vehicle - will drastically change access to the vehicle and reset problems of people with limited mobility. Thus, passengers can get into the vehicle without any difficulty. A large platform extends to the bottom, reducing the distance between the road and the bottom of the machine, which also facilitates access for people with disabilities. After the passengers took their place, the body is quietly closed.

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6-02-2016, 17:03

The basic idea is to allow users to take pictures on the go without the hassle, because the conventional camera is not enough that requires committing a lot of unnecessary movements for photographing but ische and take up very little space. The camera not only has small size, but requires minimum actions necessary leash to bring the lens to the desired point and press the shutter-release button. To the tablet - videokameru the camera connects through a wireless connection, the image is regime real time.

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6-02-2016, 15:16

биометрическая одежда с технологиями для фитнеса

The idea is that would be body mechanism and help you to monitor the results of your workouts. Clothing equipped, high-tech sensors that do not require connecting any wires for efficient operation. This costume is a mechanism capable of prolegate data during long grueling workouts lasting for long time. The suit is a small device which soderjit electronic and sensors that collect and intelitrac bio - signals, then send the information to your mobile phone.

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устройство для контроля болевых синдромов у человека
The idea is that if a new device nadejalsja on the wrist for remote monitoring and treatment of chronic pain syndromes, designed to help patients otslezhivanie their levels of pain during the day. The device is configured in such a way as to record data on the condition of the nervous system and parts of the brain responsible for the sensation of pain. Data is recorded during the day during different loads on the body when performing various actions. On the basis of the obtained data with the help of the device can be made necessary changes in behavior and daily rhythm of life. After the device is put, it automatically starts to be stored as online resume app with which with them, can view the patients themselves, their relatives and medetsinskie workers. The information is first handled by a special device, which then relays the data to a computer doctor.

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