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3-02-2016, 23:03

The idea is to help parents to make their work more efficient, it is the world's first sentient studying and predicting the device, walkie - talkie. Each set of radio nanny podkrashennym consists of three devices: one of them is put directly on the baby, and the second smart charging device and the third mobile app. Wearable sensor is designed with soft, breathable and Hypo - allergenic lining, the child can wear it on the ankle. This component monitors the baby's heart rate, movement, skin temperature, and position during sleep. Radio nanny generates some suggestions for example when a child wakes up from hunger, also a clever device to determine the optimal conditions for sleep. The main purpose of this device is to give parents the opportunity to better understand your child.

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3-02-2016, 22:34

The idea is that the functions of the electronic magnifier coincides with the camera functions and some functions of the phone. Among its features include the ability to zoom in precisely on the distance you want. Also you can use it to take a picture and it will saved to electronic memory. Also this magnifying glass there is a function video.

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The idea is that the suitcase could quickly turn and make it a flat Mat with handle, certainly convenient for storage. The suitcase has 360 - degree wheels they allow the move to change direction without losing speed and clinging. In the case of the suitcase is built-in GPS sensor, to see where is your suitcase.

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девайс с голографическим интерфейсом

The idea is that computers would have paved yourself a holographic device. The computer will use the built-in projector, for projection touch screen. The computer consists of two parts. In the first part of the integrated projector and keyboard, and the second wireless mouse. The projected screen is fully touch and allows the user to easily work with it.

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1-02-2016, 21:44

This bottle not only plays music, the sound has a decent high quality. It has a very convenient form, the sides in a special non-slip coating redone special grooves that meets all the requirements of sports equipment. In addition, has a slot for a memory card. Control is possible through the phone or tablet held on the Bluetooth interface.

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