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2-02-2022, 15:37

Attention! Ideological bestseller!!!
 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea is that the bread would turn into an oily mass and placed in individual packaging - glass, paper or packaging-the tube". When eating is difficult to apply to other products the cream-bread with the help of convenient packaging. Extended periods of storage, the possibility of making different flavors, including sweet, versatile storage and transport, easy warm-up, including in a microwave machine. Also, in the future, making the children's series cream bread.
 Catering establishments will also appreciate this product as innovative and in the long term, enough demand.
The budget for the implementation of the idea - 500 thous.$
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21-01-2022, 15:55

Портативный источник кислорода

The idea is that if a new invent-o ensure a person artificially created oxygen in regime emergency. The small gadget goes down easily in the palm of your hand and has a mouthpiece which is very easy to adjust the size of the GUP user

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28-11-2021, 13:52

Today, 16 September, at the exhibition center "Kozak Palace" launched the third all-Ukrainian forum of experts in the field of information technology IT-Forum 2016.
Now forum members are registered, and at 10.00 the conference will begin.
As reported in the "Industriale", the forum will bring together dozens of influential programmers, startups, managers and businessmen. Among the speakers will be the Director of the largest metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine, as well as special guest - the participant of list Forbes, the company which successfully sells its products in many countries around the world. 
60 speakers – including visitors from Germany and the USA - are distributed in four streams. The list of topics covers a wide range of IT services in the retail trade to the development of high-load applications, from enhancing personal business to potential solutions to urban challenges through technology and open data. Along with the directions "IT/Business" and "Marketing", an impressive part of the reports will be devoted to the subjects United by such directions as "WEB/MobileDevelopment" and "FreeSpace".
Participants of the forum an exhibition of robots, drones, smart things.
IT forum will be held until 18.00.
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13-11-2021, 06:39

насос работающий внутри велосипеда
This pump is located in the pin seat and udevitelno easy as in transportation and in use. To built-in mechanism to work, you need to spend a couple prosteishih action to connect the wheel to the hose, release spin the wheel and start pumping up and down on the tube. The whole system works for shredder or Presta valves. Also thanks to the adapters pump will fit in a daily pin with any diameter.

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3-10-2021, 15:51

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