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1-02-2016, 21:30

Wireless camera for conferencing includes a microphone and speaker with high fidelity color LCD touchscreen display with intuitive controls, support for Wi - Fi synchronization capabilities with Skype. A huge advantage is its completely wireless operation, allowing you to carry it to the room.

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1-02-2016, 18:36

The innovative helmet is good not only for folding it into small forms, but ische and comfort and elevated security. In order to fold the helmet, the user needs to release the Velcro from the back of the helmet, then click on the two segmented lateral section in the middle. The size of the helmet will lose about 70 percent, the width will be 5 cm.

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1-02-2016, 18:16

Треножник нагревающий напитки
The idea is that the tripod was heated drink one or two cups at once. Heating both legs are equipped with the necessary sensors and heating elements, and the third leg are both battery and plug for charging.

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1-02-2016, 17:37

The idea is that would be using the phone canwas permacoat your car. enough to leave the car at the entrance and activate self-Parking via smartphone. You get uvedomlenie when the car will find a Parking place. The driver activates the system again when it's time to go, and the car itself sovershite all the necessary maneuvers and will meet its owner at the exit of the Parking lot. The system works independently of the infrastructure, but relying solely on-Board systems.

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31-01-2016, 12:43

The idea is that if the marker has a triangular shape and magnetized cap. Its triangular shape prevents falling of the marker and it stays in the place where you put it. The magnetic cap is mounted on vertical surfaces and remains in the field of view of the user.

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