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The idea is that the vehicle is not wasting fuel and physical activity for energy. Such a source of steel muscle man, the vehicle moves for a brush that organiz generating bioelectricity. This apparatus is similar to a tricycle with two wheels in front. But he has absolutely no pedals. In order to go enough to put his feet on a special platform. Transport gets access to your bioelectricity and you nachinaete movement.

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Каждый день новый велосипед

The idea is to get the look, color, graphics and material of the bike you can rip users thanks to a change the sidebar every day. The frame of this bike can be made of aluminum alloy or composite materials,while the panels are made of fiberglass, covered with fabric, wood or other material. The movement of the Bicycle is carried out by a series of gears connected by a small chain that drives the orbital wheel.

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The idea is that in small apartments you can bezproblem to grow plants and users could always have on hand fresh organic vegetables. The vertical system allows pittella substances and water to circulate around each of the plants which raspologaetsya in a separate container. Seeds or Agency placed in a pot filled with faux soil. A simple interface allows users to control parameters such as HP, humidity, and many others. Plants grown in the controlled micro-environment with the necessary moisture level and nutrient supply.

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This, the backpack is a personal and portable cinema music center. Innovation consists of columns and projector. Control device via a smartphone that connects to it. The device has 32 GB of internal storage. Just point the spotlight on the wall and start the movie.

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The idea was that the watch had a built-in breathalyzer, which you can always check the level of blood alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a car. Cover on the side of the watch opens to reveal a small port with a sensor inside. Simply press the button, blow into the port for five seconds and check the dial, which will display the result.

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