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The idea is to provide protection from external factors during loss of control at high speed. Ski airbag is a modified version of pillows for motorcyclists. The microprocessor analyzes the data from them and reacts to sudden acceleration. In the case where it determines danger, the airbag is inflated in the neck of the skier. The process only takes 45 seconds.

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Mini razor is worn on two fingers of a hand, she soderjit a few blades for a comfortable shave, while the blade can change. Changing blades is done by pressing a special button on the side. Rings, which pass through the fingers, is equipped with rubber pads so the device will not slip and fall. Lativia located on the beveled surfaces so that you don't have to put in the hands perpendicular to the face.

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The idea is to use the generic konstrukta you can design and build many children's transportnyj funds. All the major parts of the designer is just the aluminum profiles of different length, higher strength with modular connectors on the ends. Their construction is designed so that in assembled vehicles can withstand the weight of an adult.

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умный зонтик - который всегда напоминает о себе
The idea is that the umbrella had a tracking device that will allow not only when you need to find it in the apartment, but forced to send trevozhnye signals when Husain will be too far away. In Predela apartment, you can find the umbrella, using the search function by forcing it to make sounds, if he is in radius of 30 meters. If twet uslyshite silence, you will have to open the map, which will indicate the exact location.

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The idea is that the keyboard can be connect via Bluetooth with three devices at once, but no more, so You can use the same keyboard to enter in data to Excel sheet or Windows answering text messages on your phone. This device will need a few batteries. The dimensions of the keyboard are of 11.77 x 7.68 X 0,27 inches.

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