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30-01-2016, 11:36

носимое устройство, следящее за осанкой
The idea is that the new device had the ability to monitor the posture of the user, reducing the risk of pain. If a person too long to pull the neck forward, the unit vibrates. He gives the signal to your phone that you need to correct the error. The device will be useful for those users who spend a lot of time at the computer.

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29-01-2016, 18:16

The idea is that you could scrub your clothes and exercise at the same time. How it works: 1. placed the clothes in the washer, 2. filled with water, 3. sit on the bike and turn the pedals. Very convenient and comfortable, this super trainer not only will help you become more fit but also to wash you clothes.

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28-01-2016, 20:57

Unique content developed on the basis of a conventional street lamp, called the Wind Tulip, the light city streets, at the same time works as a powerful wind turbine. The lantern can convert the energy of wind, is a very reasonable alternative to the massive wind turbines. Eco - friendly lantern operates independently, it pretty well will Shine, producing energy for themselves. It will significantly reduce the consumption of city electricity simply replacing standard street lights.

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28-01-2016, 18:38

New ear plugs - electrical and work on two small batteries. Sound attenuation is carried out using the noise balancing between the human ear and the outside world. Thanks to this approach, people just can't hear anything, including the annoying pulse, as is often the case with conventional medical ear plugs, placing them in the ear.

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28-01-2016, 16:52

The idea is that the device reported snowboarders and skiers information about how to find your friends, hills, restaurants and even provide assistance in case of accident. The bracelet is fastened to the arm by means of "Velcro" and is a flexible touchscreen display. Also tech bracelet keeps you connected with friends in social networks.

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