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27-01-2016, 16:25

The idea is that the knee pads helped relieve pain and fatigue after exercise. The knee accumulates the heat produced from working muscles, store energy induction and generate heat to soothe the pain and relieve fatigue after exercise. The concept of this device was made possible through the use of functional fabrics, such as electrothermal insulating yarn, the principle of electromagnetic induction.

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26-01-2016, 20:58

The idea is that the cooler for cooling water has a convenient form, and was very quick to cool the water. The operation principle is based on the use of thermoelectric technology, according to which, an electric current flows in the places of junction of dissimilar semiconductors, instantly cools one side of the semiconductor wafer. Portable cooler cools butilirovannoy drinks with incredible speed.

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26-01-2016, 20:40

Innovation blender is a mini blender that does not take up much space, and is a manual. Its peculiarity is that it works from the charged battery. If you decide to go somewhere, the blender will always be with you. Nozzle for mixing and Cup set as a whole that make the process more hygienic.

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The idea is that the design of the mask could change the structure of the lens, which is a the barrier that separates the eyes from the salt water. According to the principle which we find in binoculars in this mask it is possible to change the focal distance to adapt to the distances that you need to see in front of you.

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сидения для велосипеда  нового поколения
The idea is that new construction has absorbed much of the shock of road vibrations and allows the seat to rotate, following the movement of the body of the cyclist. The design uses an elastomeric plate which is located between the saddle rails and the saddle, both front and rear. Elastomers are available in three stiffness levels to accommodate different weight riders

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