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New smart Windows can reduce the cost of cleaning Windows in skyscrapers. A smart window can "wash" and has anti-glare and energosberegayushim coating. Thermochrome glass will be able to change its color and type of coating under temperature and weather conditions. SART the window can pereolat light, changing its color and propuskaniya ability, and guaranteed self-cleaning under influence of water. Dirt does not settle on the surface, it flows down from the surface between pupyryshkami that are on the Windows.

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Computer mouse functions fine tune - one of a kind solution to perform a complete adjustment to the individual needs of any user. The functionality of the mouse allow you to choose one of five DPI settings (from 200 to 12000) that will allow you to be completely confident in their actions, providing accurate sighting in the implementation of rapid manoeuvres. Mouse oborudovani 32 - bit embedded ARM procesorem that manages the memory, you can assign functions or complex macros for canolis 11 buttons which are built into it.

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The idea is that the socks would provide you comfort while walking, thus removing the one of the main reasons for feelings of cold zamerzli feet. Socks can warm 12 hours and includes: wool and they have such osobennostyu, as the heat thermostat. Heating is accomplished through air fiber, absorbing air and moisture. The soft part of the sock, around baldev vladeltsa, equipped with special linings that can manage any setting a comfortable temperature range.

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The idea is that pebbles would have had the opportunity to maintain the water temperature when you take a bath at the required level. It mounted radiant heating elements due to which these stones maintain temperature of water of your bath

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The idea is that the bracelet can be used as as a clock and to play music. The gadget has a simple control system using only three buttons to skip tracks and display time. Songs are downloaded through the USB PRT that can be played through wireless headphones.

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