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24-01-2016, 17:24

The idea is that smart bench presented a multifunctional light - a bench that uses solar energy to recharge their led bulbs. Solar panels built into this bench allows you to place the device in any revenge without the need for a local power source. Built-in sockets can be used by society as a daytime charging station for laptops, cell phones or other electronic devices.

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22-01-2016, 18:10

The idea is that if the lock was electronic, and the key for him will serve the smartphone. A special application installed on your phone can be configured so that the lock will automatically open, when the owner of the smartphone will be within a certain distance from him. The lock works on a small battery when he outraged the phone comes uvedomlenie. If the phone runs out or stay at home the lock can be opened manually by entering a special code on the panel of the castle.

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21-01-2016, 17:46

The idea is that a single Bank card looked like a mini gadget that is controlled from a smartphone. Digital wallet features a small LCD screen and dialpad characters. All Bank cards will be to contribute to the database of a single card and never worry about losing them or about remembering passwords.

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21-01-2016, 15:03

New assistant for children - a timer for brushing teeth in the form of a clown. This bright and funny clown has an hourglass on his head, which children change, before you start to brush your teeth. The timer helps kids not to rush this procedure and spend the required 3 minutes. And when the time ends, the clown smiles. Wooden clown contains a container for toothbrushes.

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21-01-2016, 14:31

The idea is that a portable coffee machines could make a Cup of coffee in any revenge. When you click one of the races coffee machine will make you some coffee under the pressure of 140 Fahrenheit. Two presses of the same button will satisfied with Aero press under 150 degrees, and three presses of the button will prepare for the"cold" cold brew.

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